How to Look Killer with Minimum Makeup

The world has gone berserk for the natural look boasted by many a gorgeous model in this year’s fashion shows, and for a few excellent reasons. It’s the dawn of a new era, one that emphasizes the value of your untamed beauty, and that represents a shift towards planet-friendly solutions. Think organic skincare, all-natural sunscreen and cruelty-free makeup in the colors of the Earth. As a result, Aussie ladies that have always appreciated an effortless,…

5 Ways to transition your skincare routine into spring

It’s no secret that winter is harsh on your skin – the wind, snow, and cold can really make it dry and dull, especially with the low humidity which is unavoidable during winter. That’s why many women feel relieved when the spring comes, but this transitional period can be equally hard on your skin. Just imagine what a shock your skin experiences when suddenly faced with the warm weather and sun. However, there are a…


Hello readers, last Thursday we had so much fun playing badminton at Iñigos Gym and Court here in Lucena City. The place was so cool and clean. I did enjoy it as well as pals. Here, take a look at these photos. 🙂