Zane is a lifestyle blogger from Lucena, Philippines who loves vintage clothes, DIY rustic crafts and cats. She took Information Management and worked with numbers. She took jobs outside of her field because she have to, but it was just the beginning of her journey and she has no regrets. Her love for fashion and photography made this blog up and running since 2012. She started working as Social Media Manager in early 2016 and found her passion in creating content and marketing. In 2018, she moved to the US where she got married. She will beemarking on this new journey with her husband and cat named Jeju.


The Zigzag Lane is a self-titled blog that publishes content about minimal lifestyle journey, fashion, crafts and organization, and home decor. This blog was created merely to document Zane’s interests and personal perspectives with a goal of answering the question “How can we live a simple life and be happy?”

Zane is on her journey of creating more content to inspire women to embrace their differences, love the life that they have and work smart to reach for their dreams while spending time to what matters the most in their life.

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