2020 left us with lots of life-lessons, sadness and surprises. We all know that it was a tough year for most of us. Pandemic was there, and we’re still fighting against it. I don’t want to talk more about every negative things that it brought us. So, today, since it’s the beginning of the new year I just want to share a little bit of my 2020. Let’s talk about home décor, home organization and DIY projects. One of the main reasons why I focused on these was to keep myself busy and do something productive.

I had several small DIY projects and organized parts of our home. Let me share it with the photos that I found on my phone.

My love for plants is never-ending and I like nice, and cheap pots. It’s like having some plants to take good care of and a home décor in one. Whenever my husband and I go to Lowes or Home Depot to buy new plants, and stuff for the house I tend to pick up new pots as well.

Here’s my little cactus that came with the plastic pot. I bought a ceramic pot but I do not like the color of it so I painted it white.

I reorganized my arts and craft basket. I do not have the photo of the basket but here are a few things inside it. That glue gun is my best friend! My husband got it for me for Christmas in 2019. I bought a bag of yarn from Goodwill for $.99 and a jar of buttons from the Dollar Tree. These are my essentials whenever I feel like crafting. I also have a set of acrylic paints, some fabric and thread for sewing, and random art supplies.

It was springtime when I got my interest for Macramé tapestry. I purchased this one from Amazon and decorated it with faux leaves and flowers. We haven’t had time and materials to hang our TV so I just put the Macramé wall hanging tapestry above it.

I know this isn’t the prettiest wreath, but I felt happy and relaxed while making it. I reused the flowers that I got from the Dollar Tree and put it on the woven wreath base. It was our 2020 spring wreath.

This is our laundry space. It’s not that fancy or big, but I’m happy that we have a dedicated laundry space in our house. I did not like huge tubes (I do not exactly know what you call that) or plumbing above it so I used an old shower curtain to cover it. This is how it looks now and it’s better than before.

I can’t consider this as one of the biggest DIY projects that we did because we just changed the colors of it. The previous owner of our house had a black bathroom vanity (which looks nice!) but my husband and agreed to add a touch of personalization to it. We both like the nautical theme, so this is how the final look that we came out with. The color that we used was called Jet Ski from Behr.

We changed the shower curtain to this cute blue one with maps details on it and purchased a small blue rug from Wayfair to match the new color of our bathroom vanity.

We have a small entryway space but we have a dedicated closet for coats and shoes. I feel like we need to add a simple décor close to it so my husband and decided to purchase a hanging wall shelf to put up some decorations. I love the wooden hanging shelf and the round mirror that we got from the AtHome store. Since we put it up right before Christmas, you can see that most of the decorations that we have on it are Christmas greenery, berries and Chrismas balls. I love essential oils and diffuser so I’ve added that little oil diffuser that I purchased from Target a couple of months ago.

Masks are essential nowadays. I also made a few cloth face masks from the fabric that I have in my arts and craft basket.

Lastly, I took some time to look for the plant stand that I like to keep my plants organized. We do not have much space with direct sunlight except our back door so I had to look for a small one that will fit in the space that we have. I got this four-tier plant stand from Walmart.

There have been so many things that happened in our life in 2020 but I feel like that will be a long post to share. It’s not easy. I’ve almost lost my job and lost someone in our family but there were also good things that happened and surprises that made us be more thankful and smile.

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