Merry Christmas 2020!

Hi everyone! I’m just here to greet you all Merry Christmas! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but plans are already on my notebook for 2021. If you can notice, I made a few changes to this blog. I made it simple and easy to browse. I’ll be adding new categories too because I’m so excited to share another journey with you. You can expect more lifestyle posts, how to’s and ideas on this blog. I also want to say thank you to all who still find time to visit me here.

I hope you enjoy the holidays even though we are currently facing a pandemic. Let’s not forget the reason why we are celebrating Christmas.

It’s my first white Christmas this year! Few days before the 25th, we had a snowstorm. I was offered to work from home and some of us just went home early that day before the snow starts falling. Even though the snow has melted because of the sun and the rain, it was a surprise that it snowed again today! I came from a tropical country which is why I was so amazed having snow on a Christmas day. We didn’t really cook a lot of foods for Christmas Eve unlike what we used to do way back home. We just had a regular dinner but today, we went to my in-laws to bring some gifts and spend Christmas with them.

Cheers to the holidays!



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