Fish and Tips: Your Ultimate Guide for Hotel Reviews in Japan

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Japan is on top of my bucket list! It’s one of the most interesting countries to visit. Since I was young, I wanted to go there and try their foods, explore different cities and learn more about their culture. It is the land of fashion, anime and cherry blossoms! Who wouldn’t want to visit it one day?

I’ve been to different countries before (a few) and every time I book my tickets and hotels, I always do my research. Nobody wants to get ripped off when they travel so I usually plan ahead and learn about the hotel that I’ll be staying in. It’s common to find reviews online but some of the websites don’t provide honest reviews and feedback from real people. I’ve learned so much about it when I was working for a VPN company two years ago.

Let me introduce you to one of the best websites for hotel reviews in Japan.

Have you heard about Fish and Tips? If not, you would want to check it out now! They have explicit reviews of hotels from all over the world! I like the minimal and clean look of their website. It makes it easy to read and understand the articles. As you can see from the photo above, they put the cities and places in categories so it’s just a few clicks if you’re looking hotel reviews for a specific location. I also like that they recommend places to go and activities to do.

They provide photos of the hotels so you’ll have an idea about how it looks and whether it’ll suit your preferences.

ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort in Okinawa –Image from Fish and Tips!

Japan is an amazing country and when I’m ready to book my tickets I will definitely read most of these articles from Fish and Tips! Okinawa looks so dreamy, but the city lights of Tokyo sounds exciting!


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