BAGINNING: It’s Time to Add These Glittery Bags to Your 2020 Favorites!

What’s your opinion about glittery bags? Do you own one?

Happy New Year and Happy Friday, everyone! This post is all about ladies’ bags and all things that glitter! Welcome to my first post for the year 2020. If you’re still here checking whether this blog is still active, I would love to welcome you! Today is the second Friday for the month of January! So, how’s your first week of 2020 been?

Most of us will get their new year’s resolution ready and will try to stick to it. I don’t have any of those. Instead, I will write something that I want to achieve every month. Small steps and that’s fine.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a new online fashion store. If you haven’t heard of Baginning, you should go ahead and check them out now! I love their brand name because it speaks about bags and new beginnings! It’s perfect timing! Some of us will begin adding some accessories and fashion pieces after the holidays and if you’re one of those people who need a bag upgrade, you will certainly love this post.

I like so many bags and I feel like I want to have something that sparkles! Most of the bags that I have are either black or brown and I love it. Since I started attending blogger events, a glitter clutch purse would be perfect!

Check out my glittery bags pick from Baginning’s website.

Look how cute these glittery bags are! I love the colors and the choice of materials. It looks so chic! If you’re not into clutch purses, you might want to check these cute crossbody bags as well!

I can’t remember the year where rosegold color started to become so popular on Facebook and Instagram. A rose gold evening bag is would be a perfect addition if you’re into this color.

Honestly, I can’t choose! I’ll be saving up to get one of these beautiful purses soon!

Make sure to follow Baginning to keep you updated with their latest designs and promotions. You can check them on Instgram, Facebook and Pinterest. And oh, they love messages! Drop them an email if you have some questions!


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