PixiBeauty: A Skincare Gift to Share With Your Bestfriends!

Merry Christmas to all of you! It’s a skincare must-haves Wednesday! Today is the best day to share this amazing thing about sharing! I’m off today because it’s Christmas! I know some people have to work today and I feel bad about it, but we all need to do our routines and schedule.

We have our needs and we’re committed to something that’s important to us. So, today I’ll be more productive since it’s a holiday! Last night, we went to the Harvest Restaurant at Hershey Hotel and it was amazing! Then, we opened some Christmas presents early this morning and head to the Church. Now that we’re back home, I can’t think of anything but catch up with my favorite TV shows, do some organizing and cleaning and share something special here on the blog! I always work (even on weekends) so I don’t have enough time to write.

Christmas is all about giving, sharing, and love. If you think that you need to buy something for your friends for the holidays and you’re like me, who’s always busy I have a recommendation for you! Two days before Christmas, I received this package from PixiBeauty!

I’m so happy and honored to receive this amazing skincare treats! I love their beauty and skincare products because aside from the fact that they are gentle and cruelty-free, the products that they have worked effectively for my skin!

I tried their Vitamin-C toner and now, I needed it for my daily skincare routine.

This Christmas, I received a cute package with their Glow Tonic skin treats toner and the amazing thing about the package that they sent is I can share it with two of my besties! PixiBeauty is so cool for having this wonderful idea of sharing and giving!

I can’t wait to try it and write an update about the results on my skin. If you want to try this too, check out their SkinTreats page on their website now! They offer free shipping if you order $25 and above and you can avail their 10% off discount if it’s your first time to shop on their website! Make it a routine to take good care of your skin and look for suitable skincare products for your skin type!


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