FSJ Shoes: Platform Boots for your Winter Essentials!

Hello, and welcome back! Before we talk about boots, I would like to ask how was your Christmas? Did you get what you’ve been wanting to receive as Christmas gift this year? So I am currently out of the office and on my five days vacation from my fulltime job. I needed this to refresh and spend time with my family and do the things that I love. Yesterday was a productive day for me! I got a sewing machine from my mother-in-law and I couldn’t wait to start my sewing projects! I’ve created my first project yesterday and I’m happy about it. I have some craft plans this coming 2020 and hopefully, I’ll be able to do it.

Enough with my updates! I’m here for another store recommendation! Didn’t I talk about FSJ Shoes before? I love shopping, but as I get older I feel like I needed to stop the retail therapy and focus on saving for my future needs and business plans. I’m into slow and sustainable fashion since 2018 and I plan to stick into it. I recommend stores for those who wanted to get high-quality fashion items but please remember, shop wisely and think about whether you really need it.

Let’s talk about shoes. I rarely buy shoes anymore. I feel just needed one per season. It’s wise to spend money on high-quality clothes and shoes and use them longer. It’s winter once again and we all know that a pair of boots is essential. I would like to talk about platform boots. It usually has the thick sole that we always look for! Check out my picks below! They all look so chic and if you’re looking for a pair, you better visit the website now. I go for black and brown boots as I can pair it with other colors easily.

If you head over to their website, you can see a lot of black platform boots there! You can customize your search according to heel height, size, heel weight, and toe.

Last month, I bought my very first white platform boots! I needed to try it for a change and I love it! It looks similar to the first photo below but I think this one looks better.

If you’re planning to spend some money to buy boots this winter, I highly suggest that you visit FSJ Shoes and find your picks!


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