Fall Season Travels: Exploring New York

Some people might say that fall season is not the perfect season to travel and explore. I was one of those people because the temperature during this season is cold for me. Yes, I am that one person who is always cold so I prefer to travel during the summer season (if I have the means and opportunity to do it!) This is a little bit scary for me to try because I’ve experienced my first autumn last year. My body is not used to this kind of season because I came from a tropical country. This year, me and my friend Rebecca took the first weekend of November and explore New York city!

I’ve been to New York last year to see the Rockefeller Center and the huge Christmas tree. It snowed, it was magical and it was freezing! On early summer this year, I went there again to process some papers but we I didn’t have enough time to checkout the tourist spots. It was exciting when Rebecca and I planned on going there again to see how it looks like during fall. (I’m talking about the beauty of Central Park because it is surrounded by beautiful trees!)

It was Rebecca’s first time going there and she wanted to see the filming location of her favorite TV show “Friends”.

I had fun even though I was really uncomfortable walking because it was freezing, I brought a pair of uncomfortable boots (my bad!) and my leg hurts. Those things didn’t stop me from wanting to explore so it was still fun!

We went to the One World Observatory to see the amazing beauty of New York on top of this tall building. It costs us $35 or $38 (I forgot, but you can see the ticket prices on their website) just to go up there. It was priceless. We took a lot of photos and see the 360 view of New York.

It was also my first time seeing the 9/11 Memorial. It was painful to remember how what happened to this place 18 years ago.

We also went for a walk on this iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Travel Tip: If you want to take a lot of photos with less people in the background, make sure to go there early. This is a popular tourist spot so it’s always packed!

When I was younger, I never thought that I’ll be able to visit this big city one day! It’s like living in the movies, but it’s a proof that you can’t really control what’s going to happen in your life so stop worrying and let God work His plans for you!

All the photos here are already posted on my blog’s Instagram page. Go ahead and check it there to see the details of the clothes and accessories I wore for this trip.

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