My 2019 Fall Fashion Picks

It’s time to post my 2019 fall fashion picks! This is the second fall season in my life and I’m loving it! Although I’m not used to this kind of weather, I’ve been trying to dress up as appropriate and comfortable as I can. So, I just want to share a quick update of what’s happening in my life! Now that I’m back working in an office environment, I have to wake up early and organize my schedule which includes meal prep and planning my everyday outfits. I believe in comfort over fashion, but sometimes I have to think about the place and situation.

At first, it was so hard for me to choose on what I am going to wear for work because aside from the fact that I was used to just wearing the same type of work clothes every day (aka long sleeve blouse and trousers) I struggle with pieces that I have to layer to keep me warm and to look decent at the same time.

I’ve been using Pinterest for fall fashion ideas and I finally found the fashion pieces that I like to wear.

Cardigan | Forever21
Top | FemmeLuxe
Hat | Shein

Let’s talk about this rust-colored cardigan that I got from Forever21 a few weeks ago. The color of Autumn season is beautiful so I want to wear it! The rust-orange cardigan screams fall season, and I can wear this to work as well. We went apple and pumkin-picking last week and it was a perfect day to wear this color. (I say, pumpkin-match not pumpkin patch. Also, excuse those white powder on my top haha!) The material is just so perfect for the sunny-chilly autumn day. I can’t find this exact cardigan on their website but you can get a similar one here.

Sweater | Forever21
Similar Pants | Zara
Bag | Shein
Sephora inside JCPenny Blogger Meetup

The next Forever21 pick that I have is this gray sweater. I was torn between black and white sweater so I have decided to pick a gray one. It matches any other color and it worked well. This was the outfit that I wore for the Sephora event that I have attended a week ago. The material is good. I know, because it was so comfortable when I wear it. I paired it with my blush pants from Zara (I can’t find the exact link for it but I found a similar one) and a chain strap bag from Shein. This outfit can be worn to work as well, but I’ll have to pair it with a black blazer.

Blazer and Pants | Femme Luxe

Since I’ve talked about the black blazer, you might have seen this photo in one of my previous posts. (I know) I got this from Femme Luxe and I think this should be included on one of my fall fashion picks!

Current Clothes Rack Situation for Autumn Season

This is my current clothes rack situation. I have this thick Anne Klein coat that I used to wear for winter but I thought this is also an essential piece for the fall season because I am always cold! (you bet!) I have some mustard blouses and tops for work. I’m also into burgundy and dark green fashion pieces. As much as I want to take a lot of photos with the details, I cannot do that yet because I’ll be filming a try-on video featuring these clothes. (So, stay tuned for that!)

Headband | Hello Gorgeous Boutique

Let’s move on to accessories. I got this cute headband from Hello Gorgeous Boutique when I first attended a Blogger event here in Pennsylvania. The colors look so pretty and I think this also screams autumn! I love the orangy-brown and green colors of it.

Shoes | Forever21
Jeans | Banana Republic
Flap Crossbody Bag | Kohl’s

I love Leopard prints, that’s why when I saw this pair of slingback shoes, I felt excited and purchased it. I got a lot of compliments when I wore this to work. One pair is never enough so I got a second pair in black.

So, this is the first part of my 2019 fall fashion picks!

Have a fabulous weekend!



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