FemmeLuxe: 3 Casual Outfits Ideas

I’m back for with a new fashion blog post for you! How are you today? It feels like this week is going to be the last week of summer this year! Whoa!! Time’s flying so fast and before we talk about autumn (which I am excited about!) let’s talk about 3 casual outfit ideas that you can wear during the warm weather.

I want to share a quick update of what’s going on in my life before we talk about the clothes that I am wearing. Last month, I started working in an office setting again. I know I’ve told you how it makes me feel happy working at home, but for some reasons, I needed to go out, explore this new environment and I loved how this opportunity came when I needed it. I love my job and I am currently working with people with amazing personalities. I am not going to get tired of dealing with numbers! (So yeah, hopefully, you’ll get a clue of what I am currently doing at my work)

It was the right timing when FemmeLuxe contacted me again for a collaboration. I needed to add some basic pieces to my wardrobe. If you haven’t heard about them, you should check their website because they have the most beautiful loungewear sets! I haven’t gone out to work in an office for a few years so I don’t have a pair of slacks, and other basic work essential clothes. I am so happy I get to pick this Black Rolled Sleeve Collared Jacket from FemmeLuxe!

Alright, let’s talk about the bright red pants that I am wearing on the photos! I also got this from the same online store. I like wearing bright colors especially for summer and this is perfect to add a pop of color if you like wearing a black or white ensemble. The fabric is a little bit thin, a perfect summer-y pair of pants that you will surely love if you want to wear something casual yet, looking professional at the same time. Go ahead and check out this Red Arya Trousers on their website!

When I am not working, I like going out with my husband and visit some stores. I like thrift shopping (which I haven’t done in a while), visiting an orchard to pick fruits and recently, I like became interested in plant-shopping! We do not have a big yard to create a garden but I love plants so I just used some pots and the side of our patio. I grew some herbs, tomatoes, peppers and my favorite summer flower- zinnia!

I’ve been following a lot of lifestyle bloggers on Instagram and saw how they love having some plants inside their houses. I have a few indoor plants but I feel like I needed something bigger to put in a small room where I do most of my photos, flat lays, and videos. We visited a plant store near our house and I took this opportunity to wear this cute Light Blue Denim Paperbag Skirt which I also got from FemmeLuxe. I’ve been obsessed with paperbag denim skirt and jeans so this one makes me feel happy when I got it from the package! I just paired it with my rose gold flat shoes and a simple blush top.

The fourth fashion piece that I got from them is this cute Black Polka Dot Ruched Puff Sleeve Dress. I’m not into off-shoulder tops because I always feel cold (Heck, yeah!) but this one looks so chic and I need to add a polka-dot dress this to my closet. I loved the puffed sleeve details, ruffled hem and how it fits perfectly! You won’t go wrong with this one if you want to look casual yet fabulous when you go for a date night or parties with your friends!

The fabric is thin, comfortable and soft. You just need to accessorize it with a statement necklace to add a pop of sparkles and you’re good to go!


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