FEMME LUXE: The Perfect Summer Outfits!

Summer is here and I’m enjoying the warm weather! I feel so happy that I can wear whatever I want again. My first winter experience wasn’t that bad and I feel like I need to take a break from wearing coats, winter boots, and knitted sweaters. So, here I am with a recommendation on where to buy the perfect summer outfits! (Just in case you’re looking for new stores to shop online!)

This is my second collaboration with Femme Luxe and if you read the first post that I wrote, you’ve probably seen the beautiful clothes that they sent me. I got four beautiful dresses from them and if you’re into lounge wear sets, this is the store for you!

I received the package a couple of weeks ago but I wasn’t able to post about it right away because I was busy. (Sorry, my bad!) Here are the four clothes that I got from them.

First, I received this cute light wash button-down denim skirt! This is my favorite among all four. I love denim pieces because you can wear them with almost anything. We went to an orchard and I thought, it’s perfect to pair with the yellow top that I got when I was back home. This color screams summer and I love it!

I like the paper bag waist details on it and its length. I was not sure about their sizing so I just picked the smallest available size that they have and it fits perfectly!

The next thing that I got was this Mustard One Shoulder Midi Dress. I’m into mustard colors and I was so happy I was able to pick this from their website. I love the texture of the fabric, the length and the cut of this dress. I just have to mend the other side of it and it fits perfectly! It’s great to wear for date night and events so make sure to get one! You can even choose from six available colors!

Alright, let’s move on to the next dress. This Black Gingham Button Ruffle Dress is also cute! I love the ruffle details on it. I got it in size 6 and it fits well. This is great if you have a flat belly because it emphasizes the body shape nicely. Otherwise, I can just wear a cute sweater on top of it. (Can’t hide my food baby on this one, lol!)

I was so happy about this Grey Satin Cargo Trouser ( similar to this Satin Cargo Trouser) because I thought the sizes would be way bigger than I was expecting it to be but, look at it! I love this first trouser that I got from them. It was also my first satin pants and it didn’t disappoint at all.

Make sure to shop your perfect summer outfits now! Hurry up! Don’t forget to follow them on social media, just search for Femme Luxe Refinery and you’ll be good!


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