Femme Luxe: Where to Buy Trendy Dresses?

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Hello, my beautiful readers! The weather is nice and everything’s fine so I thought, today is the perfect time to write a fashion blog post. It’s been so long since I posted one so here it goes!

Last month, this brand called Femme Luxe has contacted me and asked me if we can do a blog post collaboration. I checked their website and found out that they sell gorgeous clothes like co ords, dresses and more so I literally just said yes to their offer. I’ve worked with different fashion brands before and this is my first ever fashion collaboration since I moved here in the US. I want to take this opportunity to thank Femme Luxe for trusting me and giving me a chance to try some of their beautiful dresses. Although they’ve sent me these dresses, my reviews and opinions are still honest.

Aside from dresses, you can also buy beautiful lounge wear sets from their website. Next time, I want to try those too but for now, let’s talk about the dresses! They’ve sent me four dresses from their blogger collaboration page and I get to pick these dresses. They have more but I thought these four fits my style and preferences. Above is the photo from which I just received it. As you can see, the dresses are in plastic packaging and sealed completely to avoid dirt and dust.

Here’s another photo before I tried them on. I picked one black dress with prints on it, the classic red dress, a snakeskin print dress, and a classic chocolate brown dress. I can also pick one of their cute ribbed lounge wear sets but I thought, it would be appropriate for me to try the dresses first.

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Black Lips Printed Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt Dress – Rihanna

Let’s begin with the first dress. This is my most favorite among the four dresses that I’ve received. Please excuse all the cat hair that you can see. I like the prints on it and it gives that Ariana Grande vibe if you want to achieve it. This sweater dress is perfect to wear in the Spring season because the weather is basically transitioning from cold to warm. The length is just perfect and you can just pair it with your favorite white sneakers.

Red Long Sleeve High Neck Split Bodycon Dress – Sabrina

If you want to keep your look to be classic and girly, this beautiful Bodycon dress is a perfect choice. I like the length, cut and texture of this dress. Honestly, this one is a little bit thin so it’ll be better if you wear this dress with other classic pieces like coat and jackets or you may wear it for summer parties if you don’t want to layer it. Go all red by wearing a sexy pair of high-heel shoes or strappy sandals.

Brown Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress – Michelle

This chocolate brown dress is super cute! I like this dress because you can also wear it for any season. The texture is soft but the fabric is also thin so I thought, this is also great for night summer parties and events. You can never go wrong with dark-colored dresses because basically, you can pair it with any other pieces. If you want an additional pop of color, wear your favorite bright-colored shoes or create a color block outfit by adding a pop of white, cream or yellow jacket on top of it.

Animal Snake Print Long Sleeve High Neck Split Bodycon Dress – Sabrin

Okay, last but not the least is this snakeskin print dress. At first, I was hesitant to try it but this kind of print is on trend right now. I thought it will look bad but when I tried it on, this dress is so comfortable to wear. The fabric is thin so I recommend that you wear it with nude color undies. It also emphasizes your body shape and it stretches so this dress can fit from extra small to medium. The length is perfect, the cut is nice and I like the prints.

I’ve posted these dresses on my Instagram account so if you want to check that out, I would appreciate it. I like these dresses that I got from Femme Luxe. Although I must say that I cannot really wear it on a regular basis, it’s a good investment to have different kinds of dresses in my closet so I’ll have something to wear when an occasion calls for it. Spring season is the best time to do the cleaning, updating and adding new pieces to your wardrobe. So, if you’re going to that and you’re looking for an online store to get new clothes, go ahead and check their website. I’m trying to lessen my clothing purchases so I only pick those that I can wear appropriately.


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