Designing a Contemporary Garden with Warmth

With the warm weather finally upon us, lots of people are turning to outdoor activities and remodeling their exterior spaces. However, this goes far beyond mowing the lawn and adding a few flowers here and there – the idea is to connect the indoor and outdoor areas and create a more cohesive space. This natural flow that goes through the entire space is part of many new trends and the simplicity behind these projects is what attracts people to start doing something with their unused garden and backyard space. But the most important reason to go for this renovation is the low-maintenance behind creating a contemporary garden. The warm palette that’s in the focus will give that additional warmth, making your outdoors a true family heaven.

Use plants for connection

Nowadays you can find interesting plants that can be a great addition to any garden design. Bold silhouettes and beautiful color choices are shaping the landscape trends. You can begin by adding a few plants near your porch door and introduce the design you made outside. This way, you’ll bring some color into your life and create a nice connection between your interior and exterior. Don’t clutter all the plants in one place, but add them to different parts of the garden. That will give all the areas enough attention, allowing you to give each part of your outdoors a new purpose.

Color choices

You can go two ways with the color choice and it all depends on your personal style. First, you can pick a vibrant palette and plant flowers in bright colors. To match that, there are great furniture choices in the same shades, so you can coordinate all your colors. The same goes for your outdoor additions such as water features, fences and other elements that can complement this bold color choice. On the other hand, if you’re trying to create a more relaxing space, opt for a neutral palette and add more color with your décor.

Design a great porch

There’s nothing better than creating the ultimate porch which is the perfect area for relaxing and having fun during the summer. The modern design includes some additions like an outdoor kitchen, a small dining area and a reading nook. All of these spaces can be enriched with some cozy outdoor rugs, interesting pillows and blankets. Of course, you need to use all the space you have and add a seating area which will upgrade your exterior. Besides that, there are always some new trends you can follow and arrange an outdoor sleeping area, a small TV area or even a playroom for the kids.

Clean lines

This style welcomes simplicity and that goes for everything – from choosing the furniture to creating the landscape design. Large linear pavers are great for small gardens because they create the illusion of a much bigger space. If you have a narrow backyard, you can add natural stones to create different zones and come up with a clean and organized space. The key aspect of this design is a subtle variation, and it’s always better to work with fewer elements which won’t create too much clutter.

Don’t forget the lighting

You can’t create warm surroundings without proper lighting that makes the entire design more soothing and romantic. This is the part where you can show your personal style and play with some lighting options. Focus on creating a well-lit porch because that’s the heart of your outdoor area. Create the main area in the garden and try to replicate the same design you used when designing the landscape. Use clean cuts and simple designs, and play with different layers that will provide depth. If you have a path that goes through the garden, make sure you arrange additional lighting fixtures around it.

The elegance of this design lies in going back to nature and making it all simple by focusing on your surroundings. Avoid applying anything you don’t like from the beginning just because you think you’ll grow to like it eventually. Trying out new trends is always interesting and exciting, and it’s even more fun when the remodeling process is over – now you can finally enjoy your new area and start creating new memories with your family.


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