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Last month, Althea Korea released their new exclusive brand collection called A’bloom and I was one of the Althea Angels who got to try the products before it was launched on their website. As I was writing this blog post, most of the products from this collection were sold-out already. Let’s me just go ahead and share you the products that I am talking about.

They released this Althea Exclusive collection A’bloom and it comes with face masks, meringue puffs, and blackhead blaster. I totally loved the masks from this collection! It comes in four different scents and formulas according to your skin’s needs! I’m lucky I get to try all four! If you want an anti-blemish mask that purifies and soothes irritated, sensitive skin I highly recommend the A’bloom face mask in Peach.

For those of you who really care about dryness hydration, the watermelon formula is for you! I have an uneven skin tone so I tried the lemon formula first and I loved it! I can feel that my skin went from being rough to soft and smooth. The results may still depend on uses but I feel like I want to get more of these! I’m excited to try the Avocado formula because it is for anti-aging and wrinkles.

When I was ready to purchase it on their website, I was shocked because almost everything in the entire collection was already sold-out!

I liked this BHA Blackhead Blaster too! It is super easy to put on the skin without irritation. I seldom use products for blackheads because the ones that I used before was too painful when peeling it off! Aside from blackheads and whiteheads, you can also use this product for your elbows and heel.

I like that it’s easy to wash off and leaving my skin fresh and clean. To read more about the formulas and ingredients, check it out here

These cute meringue puffs are also part of the A’bloom collection! I’ve used a lot of sponge puffs before and these are the softest of them all! I like that they came in two sizes because I can easily distinguish which one is for the under eyes and for the face.

I’ve tried it already and it’s so easy to clean as well! You may use it dry but I prefer to use it when it’s damp. These are perfect if you want to achieve that flawless applied concealer and foundation. Bonus: It looks so cute!

If you haven’t tried these, make sure to check Althea Korea now because these products might be in stock again!



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