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I’m officially back into blogging! I’ve posted on Instagram that I’ve been dealing with self-doubt and trust issues because of too much social media and I wanted to pause for a while. I said pause because I’m not going to quit it. I have learned so much from social media, the proper use of it and when to stop using it to live the moment offline. There were things happened the past few days, I wish I can share it here but I choose not to give further details about it. It’s true, you should keep something just within yourself until you’re totally moved on. Life is good, we only live once and we cannot control everything that is happening and going to happen. So, learn to appreciate it and spread love no matter what.

Okay, enough of that unrelated stuff here! Let’s talk about pieces of jewelry and accessories. I’m not really into accessories but whenever I feel like I want to add an instant glam on any outfit, I always choose the classic.

I love pearls and diamonds! Well, who doesn’t? When I was contacted by The Fine Pearls and asked me to do a collaboration, I felt so happy and excited. I seldom wear pearls. I can’t even remember the last time I wore pearls. Oh, wait! I think I wore a pearl necklace when one of my cousins got married because I have to be the flower girl! That was twenty-something years ago, lol! So matanda na talaga ako! Haha!

Now that I’m older, I feel like I want to change my choices when it comes to accessories and jewelry. I seldom buy accessories, especially when I started my step-by-step minimalism journey last month. I’ll be posting more about it soon so you should stay tuned.

Back to my main topic, if you’re into pearls and other accessories, you should visit The Fine Pearls. They have the most beautiful pearl necklaces and earrings. You can buy a freshwater pearl from their website like the one that they’ve sent me. You should also check out their Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls, and Tahitian Pearls. Aside from these, you can also buy some accessories like scarves, bracelets, and clothing from them.

Here’s how I styled their classic necklace.

It was the beginning of my first ever spring season so I thought, why not take this opportunity to showcase my favorite dress from Shein and this beautiful pearl necklace! I think it’s classic and I love vintage fashion.

If you want to get the same classic pearl necklace, you should check it here. They have it in different colors and sizes and you can choose according to your preferences.

Have a wonderful week ahead!



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