Sincere Sally: Is it worth the hype?

So, few weeks ago Sincere Sally, an online clothing store contacted me and asked me if I want to join their ambassadorship program. They offered me the 50% off on each item that I am going to BUY and 25% off code for my followers. I’m a social media manager and I know how this stuff works, of course! I wasn’t really planning on doing it but, I did it. The clothes were expensive if you compare it to other online fashion stores like Shein, Zaful and DressLily. The only difference is that, they are from Australia but when I receive the package, the label was from China ( Iasked and they said, they ran out of stock in Australia so they had to ship it from their Asian warehouse so it will be quicker for me to receive. Okay let’s move on to the items.

Just because I feel like the items on their website are overpriced, I chose to BUY two tops. Each costs $35.00 so I got it for $17.50 each since I got their “50% off Ambassadorship code. The total was $35.00 for two tops + $4.99 shipping fee. I can’t believe I paid that amount for just two tops! It’s still quite expensive for me because I can just buy a top similar to this for $8 to $12. After less than two weeks, I got the package and I was expecting that the tops would be thicker and made with high-quality material. Guess what? The tops are perfect for the summer season! That’s all I can say. (Maybe, I just expected more out of it!) I like that they shipped it to me in less than two weeks. So the shipping was fast! (Because I paid for the fast shipping, I guess.)

Here I am wearing one of the tops I bought. What do you think?

To answer the question “is it worth the hype?” My answer is no. If you have the money and you don’t mind spending, then that’s good! You can totally buy stuff like this for your self. You can use my code for ZANES25 for 25% off!

“You’ll get what you pay for, sometimes you don’t.” Just sit still and be thankful.

Let me know your thoughts about this ambassadorship program! I may not get something from this, but everything was charged to experience!




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  • Thanks for writing this! They just contacted me and I thought their clothes were cute but way overpriced and wasn’t going to respond if they were trying to get me to buy anything so I went searching. This is exactly what I needed to read.

  • I just joined the ambassador program and they said my code activates in 24 hours. Is this legit? Or did I get scammed?

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