How To Dress For A Black-Tie Event

That ominous black-tie invitation has just arrived in your mailbox. Do you pick a long or short gown?

It can all become rather daunting, so help you, we have devised this quick and simple guide to black tie etiquette in 2019.

First, There’s White Tie

These days, many dress codes stipulate white tie. What exactly is it?

For ladies, it means getting out your best full-length ballgown and all the jewels. White tie events are as formal as things get in terms of dress code. Think strapless ball gowns and long white gloves. You can check out stores for plus size prom dresses 2019 for white tie events.

For men, white tie dress code involves a tail coat, or black dress coat and matching trousers. Add a wing-collared shirt along with shirt studs and cufflinks and even a white waistcoat and bow tie. To finish off the look, you can include black silk socks and evening shoes.

So, What Is A Black-Tie Dress Code, Then?

When it comes to dressing for a black-tie event, the key is to be mindful of the host’s wishes and try to anticipate their vision for their event. What does black tie mean to them?

For ladies, though, it’s the perfect excuse to go glamorous. Embrace black tie and have fun with it. Choose a long formal gown or even a shorter but fancy cocktail dress that is formal event appropriate. If your black-tie event is being held in the winter, choose colours like emerald, ruby, jewel tones, black and even amethyst. Bring out the high heels and your best jewels to really glam things up.

For gentlemen, there’s nothing quite as sophisticated as a classic black tie. Pick a tuxedo or dinner jacket, matching trousers, a cummerbund or waist coat and bow tie. Lace up shoes and calf length socks finish off the classic look.

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