Style Basics: 8 Clothing Items Every Woman Should Own

Are you sick of rummaging through your closet every day and finding nothing that fits your style? Maybe it’s time to start over by ridding your wardrobe of all unnecessary things and filling it with good old classics. But, what is it that every woman needs to own? Look!

A fitting pair of jeans

Jeans are something you can wear to almost any occasion from afternoon walks in the park to casual nights out, so it’s really important to own a pair that fits you like a glove! Even though jeans usually refuse to abide by any rules, most people perceive light jeans as more casual than dark, so take that into consideration when picking out your perfect pair!

A nice T-shirt

Another every-day item is a nice tee. It’s important to opt for a strong and durable material (Pima cotton is great) and pick a color that is versatile. White, black, gray and navy match almost everything and can serve as a nice background for your bolder looks.

A quality sweater

Quality cashmere knitwear will always be fashionable and super practical. While there are some rules about sweaters (navy is always the best choice), feel free to experiment and find your perfect color. If you tend to wear bright colors at least once a week, there’s no reason why you should avoid yellows, greens and reds!

White sneakers

If you love comfort and style, then you must have a pair of white sneakers! They can be worn with almost any outfit, in any season and they will most likely not go out of style in our lifetime. Plus, you can keep them very clean and polished for a more put-together vibe or rough them up for that street style look.


No matter if you hit the lap pool every day or only visit the beach in the summer, you need a good piece of swimwear. As long as you pick out the right model, a stylish bikini is a classic choice that’s perfect for chilling at the beach, splashing in the water or getting a serious swimming workout. Plus, they will never go out of fashion! Black or white are always the best options, but today, there are so many colors that even the pickiest fashionista can find her dream model.

A tailored blazer 

You never know when you’re going to need something formal and classy for an unplanned job interview or an impromptu meeting, so you must have at least one piece of business attire in your closet. For instance, a black blazer fits everything from dress pants and skirts to jeans and even shorts, and it instantly gives every outfit a professional note! Opt for something tailored to perfectly fit your body type and accentuate your waist.

A little black dress

An LBD is present on absolutely every wardrobe must-have list and for all the right reasons! It’s perfect for any big night from business dinners to dates and bachelorette parties, so make sure to welcome one little black dress in your closet. It looks perfect on its own, but feel free to pair it with attractive heels for wild nights out, a blazer for a business meeting or an interesting piece of jewelry for a first date!

A statement scarf

Don’t forget accessories! There are so many to choose from, but a statement scarf really speaks volumes. It can enhance every outfit and give it a nice pop of color and style! Pick your favorite color or pattern and make even the most boring of outfits more memorable!

Once you collect all of these must-have clothing items, you’ll be ready for any and every occasion! Plus, you’ll definitely look stylish and put-together!



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