Design Trends to Steal from Australia

In order to get more inspired, designers sometimes turn to other parts of the world – after all, it’s always good to seek a new angle of seeing things in cultures we’re used to looking at as role models. Other times, however, it’s better to find new elements in countries we didn’t know anything about. With all the new changes, Australia has become a place with so many booming designers who are trying to be bold and different. That’s why there are lots of inspiring things you could embrace and incorporate into your home. If you’re ready for new ideas, go through the most influential designs inspired by Australia’s leading design trends.

Becoming one with nature

We all like having plants in our homes to remind us about nature and to create a cozy and healthy environment. Aussies just love taking things to a whole new level and letting the plants overpower their interiors.

You can do the same without feeling overcluttered or thinking that the plants will take the focus away from other parts of your living space. To make everything a bit more aesthetically pleasing, use different flower pots and decorate them in accordance with your own personal style. Plants are welcomed in all shapes and sizes and can be implemented into every part of your home.

The rise of the millennials

Just like everywhere else, millennials are changing the Australian interior design as well, and this can be seen in the color palette used in more and more homes. The main focus is on different shades of pink and bronze that can be applied not only to the furniture but to the walls as well.

Apart from that, vintage furniture has made a huge comeback in the past few years, and this is a trend many people enjoy, especially when it comes to their old furniture pieces. A DIY trend of giving a new purpose to old pieces is what makes Aussies quite occupied every single day. Everything from shabby-chic to romantic is more than welcome and can make any room quite special.

Garden tradition

Changeable climate has inspired Aussies to search for the best layout and designs in order to create the best outdoor space possible. Water conservation plays a major role in Australia, which is why there’s a huge variety of drought-tolerant plants that are perfect if you want to play with colors and shapes.

To achieve this remarkable design, think about qualified services for landscape architecture in Sydney as this is something best left to the professionals. There’s a strong influence of using native plants and creating a sustainable space, and that requires a lot of work and detailed planning.


The ultimate Australiana

This is a design pattern typical for Australia and it’s taking the world by storm. The starting point for this trend is the color palette which consists of terracotta and red hues that give it a rich yet sophisticated look.

In addition to that, different shades of green are also the trademark of this trend, providing an even warmer and cozier feeling. The main focus is, however, on adding as many natural materials and elements as you can, making everything look soothing and calming. To achieve this look, play with textures and you’ll get an organic flow throughout the house.

The minimalist design

The trend of minimalism is something many Australian interior designers really like to accentuate in their designs, and if done properly, this can really uplift the space. Spaces like these appear meticulously planned out, but the truth is that people realized they don’t need a crazy amount of belongings.

This is why everyone is embracing the tiny house movement and the design that follows this change. Colors are key if you want to make your home seem bigger, so use lighter shades to really open up the space. Think about furniture that’s multifunctional and can be incorporated into your new tiny home.


You can’t go wrong with taking some inspirational ideas from Australia and using them in your home. The contrast between these ideas is what makes them a great choice for everyone, no matter where they live. The only thing left to do is start making plans and enjoying that Australian vibe in your home.


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