Style Tips Designed to Accentuate Your Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figures have been the most coveted, desirable ideals of female beauty for centuries. From Renaissance paintings to the pictures of Marilyn Monroe, we see that women with curvy busts and hips, and a tiny waist have always inspired awe in both men and women around the globe. But unless you were naturally blessed with a body shape of these specific proportions, you might think the perfect curves are beyond your reach.

Well, don’t worry, that’s not true at all. You can enhance your waist and make it appear slimmer with a few styling hacks, and we’re here to show you how to achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape.

Fit-and-flare cuts are your best friend

Those old-school fit-and-flare dresses are really the easiest way to play up your figure, and the best thing about them is that they look good on pretty much anyone. Even if you think you’re completely flat from all sides this will give you a nice curve, and they are undeniable feminine and pretty. So, find a dress that hugs your bust and waist, and then flares at the bottom in a wide circle.

Put a belt on it

This is a no-brainer as well. A thick leather belt right around your waist is a really modern way to style an outfit, and it will cinch you in a bit and make you look narrower in your midsection. You can experiment by switching between slim and chunky belts – just see what looks better on you.

Invest in really good lingerie

If you don’t have good lingerie then please make a pause here so you could go and buy some. Undergarments are absolutely essential, and every gal deserves to have some slinky, comfortable lacy pieces that make her feel sexy as hell. A lot of women make a huge mistake by only focusing on the outfit and ignoring what’s underneath because no one will see it, but quality underwear actually helps enhance your curves and gives you a beautiful shape.

Getting the right bra should be your first step, and it’s extremely important to get the one that actually fits you instead of trying to shove yourself into something several sizes too small. Girl, if you’ve got G-size breasts, then get a few luxuriously sexy G cup bras and enjoy how comfortable they are. Chafing and constricting your chest is really not an attractive look, so find lingerie that actually feels good on your skin. It will make your breasts look more pert and shapely, and make your outfits ten times better.

Grab some high-waist bottoms

High-waist jeans are a good start, but you should also invest in a good pencil skirt, and maybe some comfy baggy pants. The trick is to pair these kinds of bottoms with slimmer tops. For example, a crop top is a wonderful idea, and so are tucked-in blouses. Imagine this look: Sexy high-waist pencil skirt, a white silk blouse, and then a belt over it to finish off. Add a blazer on top for a more professional look and you’ll be a stunner!

Embrace the V-neck

A subtle V-neck will enhance your bust and make you look more feminine, and it’s generally one of the easiest shapes to pull off. You don’t even have to show your cleavage if you don’t want to, merely get a slim sweater with a subtle V-neck to follow the natural curve of your body.

Slip on sexy heels

Heels are another way to make your figure look more feminine because they’ll give your booty a lift and make your hips look shapelier. Besides, wearing heels immediately makes you want to strut and sway, so enjoy feeling like a curvy temptress.

Avoid long tunics

Long tunics are great if you want to hide your waist, but they don’t do anything to enhance it. You want your tops to end right around the waist area, not your hip area. Alternatively, you can get a peplum tunic that follows that fit-and-flare rule we mentioned above.

Accessorize for added glam

A good necklace goes a long way in showing off your top half, and it’s a particularly good trick for small-chested gals who want to enhance their bust somehow. A pair of glittery earrings, big, voluminous hair, and even a brooch can also help you achieve the same thing.


And before we go, here’s one rule that every lady should embrace – wear only things that fit you well. Work with your body rather than against it, and do your best to enhance your favorite features. That kind of thinking is bound to make you both look and feel great.


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