Althea Korea: Klairs Facial Toner and Moisturizing Serum Review!

Here’s another post about my favorite website- the Althea Korea! I still can’t believe that I’m one of the Althea Angels! This post is all about the latest box that I have received from them for this month. It’s fall season now here in the US and I need some skincare products to keep my skin hydrated. The cold and the wind makes my skin super dry!

They asked us on our Facebook Community Group, we answered and I was one of the lucky members who got to receive these products from the brand Klairs. I always see this brand on the Althea Korea website and I’ve been wanting to try! It was my lucky day so it took me two weeks before I want to write this post to give you my experiences after trying these products!

Before we move on to the short review, let’s just do a quick peek on what’s inside this pink box!

I got three items from the box which includes the Klairs cotton pad, the Supple Preparation Facial toner, and the Rich Moist Moisturizing Serum. There you go! My skincare set is complete. I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to apply too many products on my face and I think this two skincare is a perfect combo!

The cotton pads were made of high-quality materials compared to what I usually buy in the department stores and grocery stores near me. It doesn’t fall apart even when I use it all over my face. It is naturally absorbent and holds the product effectively by redistributing it gently onto my skin.

I used the toner and serum every morning after I take a shower and before bedtime. It feels so good when I apply it to my skin. The toner was said to be extracted from natural ingredients and that’s better! I don’t want to use something with harsh chemicals in it. (Well, who does?) It doesn’t irritate my skin and I feel like it restores the hydration that I need on my skin. I work every day and this product is a treat to my tired skin! It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue even after layers of applying it. I received it in a sealed bottle and that’s one of the things I like about Althea Korea! They make sure that every item is secure and sealed properly! This is one of the most gentle and cleansing toner that I have ever tried. The only downside that I want to say is I wish I had it in a bigger bottle. (Lol!)

The serum doesn’t have that strong smell and that’s good! It made my skin soft although I’m currently suffering from breakouts! The serum is also a good product because when I use it, it doesn’t leave my skin sticky. Serums are one of the most important parts of our skincare routine and I think I’ll start investing in good serums like this! I don’t really drink enough water every day and I think that’s the main reason why I have dry skin. I think this Klairs Rich Moist Serum can also be used as a primer. I tried it before applying my makeup and it worked well. It made my skin soft and easy to put my foundation on! It’s true that it soothes and calm the skin. These two helped my skin become smooth and soft after every use.

Interested to try it too? Go ahead and visit the Althea Korea website!



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