Packing Like a Travel Blogger – What You Need to Know

Being a travel blogger is a dream of many people. Who doesn’t like going around the world, taking pictures and videos, meeting new cultures and living what, from the other side of the screen, seems to be a perfect life? Well, some are actually living this dream, but the dream is not as easy and laid-back as it seems. If you want to try your hand at being a blogger or vlogger, you’re going to have to start your journey prepared. To make sure you’re not forgetting anything, here’s a master list of all the things you should bring:


Let’s start with the obvious. The bulk of your bag is going to be filled with clothing, but you have to make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with luggage, so try to keep it minimum and well-planned. Set out all of your outfits on your bag, and try to make as many different combinations with the things that you are bringing. If you have any item that only goes with one other thing (if that in itself isn’t a one-piece), discard it and bring in something more versatile. If you focus on fashion in your blogging, you will – of course – want to look good, but an even better thing is to showcase the local culture and clothing of the location you’re traveling to. So, support local shops and buy a few new things there. Plan your trips, find places where you will have a chance to wash your clothing and bring clothing accordingly. Also, make sure you check the weather forecast as well as humidity levels of the location so that you are not caught surprised and in inappropriate footwear.


If you’re someone who goes to another country to meet people, spend time with locals and record how different cultures interact, then it’s always a good idea to bring some gifts. It’s not about bringing something big, or expensive. It’s about sharing your culture. Something small, like a fridge magnet, a postcard or a sweet treat will soften the hearts of locals and make them a lot more inviting, which will enable you to have a better time and get better material for your blog. Let’s be real for a second – nobody wants to listen about how uninviting locals are.



The most important thing, the one which you can’t allow yourself to forget when you’re packing, is the equipment you will need to record everything of importance. If you write blogs, you may only need a simple pen and paper to take notes which you will translate into a blog post when you get back, but for most people it usually all starts with a laptop. The second thing you’ll probably need is a camera. If you are going on a fun action-packed vacation and you want to make it into a video with a million views, you’re going to need a Strathfield car radios gopro hero action camera, to allow you to get all of the action, without actually having to worry about sensitive equipment that can’t be near water. If you want to take more artistic photography, then a DLSR with an appropriate lens should also find its way into your bag. Make sure that you bring all the chargers, batteries and backup memory cards for the equipment, and if you’re traveling with expensive tech – make sure you have insurance for it in the case of theft.


If you’re going to a foreign country, the biggest hurdle to overcome will be the language barrier. What you want to do is pack a simple, basic dictionary so that you can find your way around, and learn a few basic phrases like “thank you”, “hello” and “goodbye” before you start the trip. Additionally, if you’re going to a country where the majority of people don’t speak a language you know, you can get a traveler’s T-shirt, which has little icons that you can point to in order to find out information you need. Make sure to stay respectful, and don’t speak louder when someone doesn’t understand you.

Choice of bag

There are so many options to choose from when thinking about a bag you’ll be carrying your things in. How you pack will depend mostly on your strength and the type of trip you’ll take. If you have to be on your feet, moving a lot through a not-so-friendly terrain, then you’ll want to pack into a backpack – but be careful because when all of your things are behind your back, you’re more vulnerable to theft. That’s why it’s also a good idea to have a smaller bag with crucial things in your view at all times. Secondly, you can pack in a suitcase. This is great option if you’ll go straight to a hotel as soon as you land, and if you’ll stay there for the entire trip, taking only short, day trips with a different bag. For anything else, however, it’s a hassle. What you want to avoid are sports bags (or bags similar to them), i.e. the bags that you can only carry in your hands, and not on your back, because not only will those leave you with one arm short, but they’ll also make you very tired, very fast.


Now that you’ve seen what it takes to be a travel blogger, do you think you’re ready to set off on your new adventure? Make sure you don’t forget your phone and some sunscreen, and as much as you enjoy recording everything – spend some time being present in the moment, too.



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