Different Types of Patchwork Patterns Used for Making Quilted Works

Quilting is an art form that is created with when multiple pieces of cloth, of varied colours, are used to create patterns. Thus, different types of patchwork patterns can be created, and it entirely depends on if you are able to put your innovative ideas into creating a unique product. These patchworks are fun to create if only one is trained on quilting. Thus, if you are a beginner, you should start with simple patterns that can be made easily and within a short span of time.  Initially, the patchworks are done with simple square blocks of different fabrics, which you can experiment with later.


Few Exciting Examples of Patchwork Patterns Are Listed Below:


  • The Bento Box pattern with nine patches is a popular choice for quilting, where the patches of definite sizes are cut and stitched to create the particular pattern. The blocks of different fabrics are overlapped on each other, bordered by strips of contrast coloured fabrics, creating one of the most amazing patchwork patterns that remains the most preferred pattern for most people.


  • The small squares of different sizes and colours are stitched together to form a curvy patchwork that creates an illusion that the squares are in motion. The assortment of nine blocks is surrounded by numerous squares made from scraps of many fabrics’ patchwork patterns.


  • When you plan to make a quilt for babies, the first and foremost factor you need to keep in mind is that they should be vibrant. The quilts for babies are mostly made by stitching number of butterfly patterns of various sizes and with the use of vibrant colours. Make sure the base of the quilt is white or in any lighter shade, which is bordered with long and uniform stripes of any fluorescent colour. This pattern design can be extremely attractive for a child’s quilt. Summer Garden is another attractive theme that can be used for the quilt. Here patterns of bright coloured flowers, birds, water cans, and birdhouses are assembled and stitched.


  • The Star Crossing is another easy unique pattern which if done with perfection can be an artwork in itself. It is one of the most colourful patchwork patterns, which look gorgeous when intricate piano designs are crafted for the border of the quilt.


  • Kaleidoscope is a patchwork pattern that may be difficult to craft for beginners, as various small blocks of uniform colours and sizes need to be cut and stitched. It requires a lot of patience and is this patchwork pattern is usually attempted by those who are experienced.


  • Double four patch quilts are made with four different coloured blocks at the centre of a large square, which is outlined with stripes of bright coloured fabrics. These assembled four patches may be taken from the scraps of different fabrics, which add character to the look of the quilt.


  • Puff quilting is another simple form of patchwork pattern that makes very comfortable quilts. Here, all the small squares of different fabrics are stitched together, by keeping one side open so that the inner space can be filled with soft fibres. Then all sides of these squares are sewn tightly. These quilts work well for kids.


  • Rag quilts can be easily made by beginners, as differently coloured square pieces are simply joined with one another to create this variety of quilt. Generally, soft or woollen fabrics are used for creating these patchwork patterns.


There are many more varieties of patterns available for the patchwork quilts and people often use their own creativity to make new patterns as well.


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