Upbra: Is It Worth The Perfect fit Hype?

When it comes to undergarments like a bra, I always choose the best pieces which I will feel comfortable whenever I wear it. Who doesn’t like wearing comfortable pieces anyway? I was searching for the perfect bra (which means comfortable and will fit my size perfectly) because I was moving somewhere this summer and this brand has caught my attention. I’m talking about the brand Upbra. At first, I just browse their website and after a few days to my surprise, their PR team contacted me and asked me if I am interested in trying some of their pieces. They have different types of it such as a T-shirt bra, swimwear, and the convertible ones. I checked on my wardrobe and I only own a few push-up bras because I don’t like wearing it until I realized that I might be needing some for events and formal occasions. So I have decided to pick a white and red color of their bra on their website. Trust me, if you’re a woman you should own some of these pieces especially if you like wearing dresses and tight tops.

Here are my picks!

I like white because I can easily wear it underneath the other colors of my tops and dresses without being too obvious. I also pick the red one because I like red dresses. It came in separate plastic packaging inside a big box. I like that I can wear it with a strap on for my shirts and blouses or strapless for my off-shoulder tops. It is made of high-quality material and you can notice it as soon as you take it from the packaging. The adjustable strap in front is perfect if you want to achieve an amazing cleavage while keeping you secure. The lift is perfect as well! I tried to move my arms up and down while wearing it and it stays up. (I even jumped so I can test it lol!) Take a closer look at it here.

If you need one, you should go and get it now! They accept major credit cards and PayPal as a payment method for your convenience.


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