Table and Chair Hire Before an Event

For any kind of occasion or celebration, preparation always starts way before the event must take place. Arranging all those necessary props and items for your occasion is mandatory which is generally prior actual date of the event. One such important aspect to be kept in mind way before the occasion arrives is to hire table and chair for it. All types of furniture play a key role because it’s the only spot where guests will spend most of their time. Tables and chairs are a must in the venue for your special occasion, it’s certainly a utility they depend on. Usually, number of required chairs and tables should be kept more than that set number of guests because sometimes extra furniture saves you and your party from event management crisis. There are certain points that should be kept in mind before hiring tables and chairs, some of which are discussed below:

  • Make sure you make the bookings before peak season hits: If your wedding or party falls in the peak season you should make the bookings for your furniture at least 6-8 months earlier. Peak season generally refers to a time when the weather is pleasant, and everyone wants their occasion to take place during that time. According to our calendars, few months and dates are especially auspicious than rest of the year. So, generally occasions like weddings, rice ceremony, sacred thread ceremony etc., takes place on such dates only. If dates of your occasion are falling on a weekend or on a public holiday, rush and traffic for wedding venue and furniture will increase. Thus, table and chair hire must be done way before the event has to take place and if your occasion’s date coincides with any of the ones then do order on time to prevent last minute hurry and worry.


  • Don’t hesitate to book because you are doubtful about your guest list: Many a times people hesitate to book table, chairs and other such requisites for their occasion’s venue because they are still skeptical about the total number of guests. One should keep this in mind that it is practically impossible to have that exact and accurate count of guest list as some still may not turn up at the last moment. So, it is better to make a count slightly less than the actual number of guests on your list. Even if number of guests is more than the number of chairs and tables, that will be suitably managed as everyone will not sit or eat at the same time. Some may even like to take a stroll in the surrounding lawn of your venue and enjoy the food. Nevertheless, it is better to go for table and chair hire prior to your occasion to avoid problems later in future.



  • Decide on the quality of furniture before finalizing it: Nowadays various kinds of furniture are available made from different materials so, it depends on your priority and budget whatever you’re looking for. If you have a limited budget for furniture, you can go for plastic tables and chairs. If you want to give a gaudy look to your arrangement, go for wooden table and chairs which are decorated with muslin white clothes that are tied with colorful ribbons. One should remember that table and chairs are not just for sitting or for keeping those plates but in fact they also enhance look of your venue and make the entire arrangement look better.


  • Have a clear idea about the floor plan: Table and chair hire do not always depend solely on guest list. It also depends on the number of floors, seating arrangement for guests, availability of space in each floor, etc. Whether you want separate items for each guest or not and such other various factors will be included as well. So before hiring, you should have a clear idea of the entire arrangement so that things do not look out of place.


Thus, pre-planning and foresightedness can make table and chair hire for any occasion easy and affordable.



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