How To Choose And Buy Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is extremely popular owing to the variety of designs, affordability and its incredible durability. If you want to buy a silver piece or two, check out our tips below on how to choose and buy silver items.

  1. Determine the quality

Sterling silver jewellery is always stamped with either 925 or .925 which means that it is 92.5 percent pure silver. Anything with a lesser silver content risks not keeping its original colour. Keep this in mind when you purchase solid silver bangles from online jewellers.

If you cannot see a stamp on a piece, make sure you are buying from a trusted jeweller or rather look elsewhere. Before you buy silver items, take the time, also, to look for any visible imperfections. Check the strength of earring posts and clasps and ensure that chain link bracelets as well as necklaces don’t have kinks or won’t kink easily.

  1. Finding jewellery to suit your style

Sterling silver comes in a wide array of styles. Consider the clothing you own and the purpose of the jewellery when shopping for silver. If you want items that you can wear every day and want the piece to match most of your wardrobe, consider a simple silver chain of a pair of classic hoop earrings or even a chunky silver bangle.

If you’d rather add a pop of colour to your ensembles, you can find unique and stunning gemstone rings and even pendants in a wide array of sizes. You can even find bold, chunky statement pieces or, if you prefer, smaller sentimental pieces.

  1. Shop for interchangeable items

If you have a budget, you can shop for a few pieces of interchangeable silver jewellery. You don’t have to spend a great deal on a range of different pieces, and you’ll still look as if you did.

Why not consider buying just one silver necklace and couple of pendants so you can switch up every day instead of buying different necklaces. You could even buy stacking rings that you could wear on different fingers individually or stack together whenever you feel like it.

A bracelet that has open links can be paired with detachable charms, too, to create different looks depending on your outfit and mood.

Buying interchangeable pieces of silver jewellery saves you money and increases the versatility of your collection.

  1. Different buying options

Silver jewellery is sold in department stores, jewellery stores, online and at independent designers. You can choose from a huge readily available collection or order custom-made pieces that include personalised designs.

Before you buy anything, make sure you find out about a seller’s return policy to make sure you are able to get your money back if you need to.

If you are buying silver pieces online, make sure you research the website and seller to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable seller. Remember to always ensure that a website is secure before you enter your payment details.

  1. Looking after your silver jewellery

Finally, remember that silver can tarnish. Once you buy the pieces you want, make sure you know how to keep them shiny and looking like new. Remember to store your pieces in anti-tarnish bags, too.


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