Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Home Décor Lovers in Your Life
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Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Home Décor Lovers in Your Life
If you come bearing gifts for design enthusiasts in your life, you better do it right. Keep in mind that they have a specific style that they prefer and that every item in their home has a special purpose. When choosing gifts for décor lovers, you should consider both the function and aesthetic appeal of the present you choose. It should be something that will complement their home décor while also bringing a sense of novelty or authenticity to their space. This can be a bit tricky at times, especially if you’ve run out of ideas. Fortunately, there’s always an untapped source of inspiration that’s waiting to be discovered.

For the bohemian

Your bohemian friend’s home is probably imbued with a sense of romance, featuring whimsical appeal. When it comes to the boho chic style, it’s all about layers of natural materials, such as linen and cotton. It’s also about beautiful floral patterns and romantic earthy tones. And when you consider these distinctive features, a beautiful present comes to mind. A cosy throw blanket made of natural fabrics and featuring mesmerising florals or floral embroidery can be the perfect gift for your boho chic friend. Not only will it embellish their favourite comfy seat, but it will also enable them to cosy up on those romantic rainy days.

For the antique fan

A design enthusiast who enjoys embellishing their home with enchanting vintage pieces recognises their antique beauty. They love a sense of tradition that they bring and appreciate the story behind them. If you’ve got a friend who often visits vintage stores looking for some hidden treasure, you should give them another special piece for their home. They won’t mind even if it’s pre-loved because they can look past this fact and see its beauty. For instance, a charming vintage lamp can be a beautiful present for your friend. It can embellish their home while also creating a cosy atmosphere with its warm glow.

For the lover of all things oriental

If your friend is in love with all things ethnic and oriental, your gift-choosing task is almost done. You should pick something that will add to the oriental ambience of their home. The oriental-inspired design embraces bright colours, intricate patterns, ornate details and layered fabrics. So, why not combine all the things mentioned into one beautiful gift such as a mesmerising throw cushion that will bring a feeling of comfort to your friend’s ethnic home. You can pick several cushions and create your own set, choosing different colours, patterns and styles. You can also include comfy floor cushions, which are quite popular in oriental-inspired homes.

For the minimalist

You probably have at least one minimalist designer in your life. This person loves a simple yet elegant design with no visual clutter. Everything in their home should have its place and purpose, contributing to the overall atmosphere of order and organisation. You might be surprised by the number of possible gifts for this friend of yours. When choosing a gift for them, you should focus on a minimalist design with clean, simple lines and subtle muted tones. You can go with a simple white base tray and pair it up with just a few handpicked embellishments. For instance, you can pick a minimalist yet elegant teapot and teacup set. This can be a versatile gift that they can use to decorate their minimalist kitchen or enjoy a cup of tea.

For the nature lover

This friend of yours could spend their life in nature, discovering its hidden beauties. Their home is probably rich in natural materials, earthy tones and different nature-inspired motifs. And in their case, nature is the best present, too. A beautiful glass terrarium with a lush miniature plant will simply delight them. Not only will it decorate their home, but it will also add another splash of green to their space, introducing a calming natural vibe. Finding gifts for the home décor enthusiasts in your life is not that difficult. All you have to do is recognise their personal style and let it be your source of inspiration.

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