America’s Best Cities for Getting Away With the Girls

While private house parties with your closest circle of girlfriends are a good solution to cope with a variety of issues, a girl sometimes just needs to get away. This is where you can end up in quite a conundrum as the difficulty to find the right destination increases with the number of girlfriends that are involved in the escapade. In order to make matters a bit smoother, here are America’s best cities for getting away with the girls.

New Orleans

“Girls Trip” was a major hit for a good reason. The story about a group of life-long girlfriends that embark on a hilarious trip to the enchanting New Orleans has struck the cord with many people because the choice of destination is perfect. New Orleans is still one of the most captivating American destinations. There is an esoteric allure to it, a mix of cultural influences and a lot of European charm. This is a place where you and your friends can truly have a blast, especially if you are enthusiastic about the uncanny. The cityscape is positively brimming with supposedly haunted and supernatural spots that, if nothing else, at least have interesting histories.


While we are on the topic of New Orleans, there is another town that is renowned for its Southern charm, and which might be a better destination for you and your friends if you are looking for a bit more casual, suburban sort of getaway. There is an air of well-mannered civility around Charleston. The easygoing, old-Americana feel of its house fronts, street shops and restaurants is impossible to deny. Due to this mild, doll-house charm, the city turned it into a very popular destination among groups of girls.

Las Vegas

Still, you can easily spice things up a bit and head straight to the Bright Light City with your girlfriends, bent on conquering the boys’ favorite playground. This was a joke of course, but the stereotype doesn’t do the city of Las Vegas justice – especially when it comes to attracting female visitors. If you are completely new for such cities, it’s always good to contact a reliable DMC in the USA which will be of invaluable assistance when it comes to hotel research, venue and restaurant sourcing as well as transportation management. Head to The Cosmopolitan to revel in the dazzling three-story Chandelier bar and visit the Bellagio to see its lovely gardens, fountain and art. Las Vegas can truly be a city that belongs to the girls!


Head to the legendary Californian getaway of Malibu and savor the scent of the untamed Pacific Ocean as you go beach hunting along its shores. You can try your hand at some surfing lessons, go snorkeling or embark on a dolphin watching adventure past Point Dume. The beauty of Malibu is that it represents a perfect girls’ getaway that still retains a casual demeanor and that signature easygoing Californian spirit in spite of its luxurious reputation. Pack light and have the time of your life.

New York City

New York City can hardly escape any sort of list, let alone the assortment of coveted “girls’ getaway” destinations. The bona fide modern capital of the world is literally a city for everyone – a sprawling cobweb of high-octane streets on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean that is filled with countless secrets and beautiful locations. New York City has a thousand faces, and you and your girlfriends will certainly find the one that suits your preferences the most as long as you dare to try. Its nooks and crannies are a treasure trove of intriguing surprises, so don’t waste time weighing its “upsides and downsides” you’ve mostly heard of from second-hand sources. Go and see the city that never sleeps for yourself!

Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes a perfect girls’ getaway, and that is completely fine. Suggestions will be thrown your way and it is easy to end up feeling like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place if you are the type of person that likes to satisfy everyone. Thankfully, the internet has graced us with inexhaustible sources of information on all matters and you can encourage your friends to do a little browsing to come up with a list of five to seven destinations. You can then compare your lists and see which of the destinations have the most hits. If you are truly a cohesive group of friends, chances are you’ll have a similar set of suggestions that will solve this conundrum for you in no-time.


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