What Makes an Engagement Ring So Important


While we all know what an engagement ring is, this symbol of a couple’s undying love has a long and varied history around the world, and in almost every culture, the engagement ring plays an important role. It is believed that the engagement ring first emerged in early Egyptian times, and in the ancient Roman empire, it was traditional for the man to present his woman with a band that symbolizes togetherness and unity. In most cultures today, it is the norm for the man to give the woman a ring that demonstrates his intentions to marry her, and, of course, diamonds are usually a part of that.


A Visible Sign


One of the main reasons for the woman to wear an engagement ring was to inform any would be suitors that the lady is in fact, spoken for. In modern times, people wear engagement rings for similar reasons, and it is regarded worldwide as a symbol of two people’s undying love for each other. While women have always worn engagement rings, traditionally, the man would only wear a wedding band, although this seems to be changing, as more and more men also wish to wear a ring that symbolises their intended union. An engagement ring for a man is called a “management ring” and when you think about it, there’s no reason why both parties can’t display this symbol of eternal love, and with trusted diamond importers like Diamond Brokers Queensland, you can have a matching pair of diamond engagement rings created.


A Symbol of Eternal Love


While we all want to shout it from the rooftops when we have met our soulmate, the engagement ring does announce to the world that both parties are now an item, and the engagement ring is a prelude to marriage, that most sacred of unions between a man and a woman. For the lucky girl, a sparkling diamond engagement ring is something to wear with pride, and most women will not be parted with their engagement ring, not even for a minute, and when you consider exactly what the ring stands for, it makes perfect sense. There is a very informative article on the real reason why we propose with engagement rings, which highlights the age-old tradition we all know so well.


A Constant Reminder


An engagement ring serves as a constant reminder of the love that two people have for each other, and when times are difficult, one can look at the engagement ring and this makes one realise that this commitment is for life, which helps a lot of people through turbulent times in their relationship. Just looking at the ring can bring back positive thoughts about your relationship, and for many young women, their diamond engagement ring is always a reminder of the very special love they share with their partner.


The ultimate demonstration of your undying love would be to have the diamond engagement ring designed and created especially for your partner, and with online suppliers of high grade diamonds who also design and craft unique rings, you have the perfect opportunity to show just how much you love your bride to be.


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