Festival Fashion Looks That You Can Wear Year-Round

Festival season is a time for hanging out with friends, making memories and relaxing. What you wear can be almost as important as where you go. Whether your look centers around your boots or a striking pair of eyewear from your favorite wholesale sunglasses supplier, choosing a look helps you make your mark. Your favorite festivals may take place in the summer, but the look you sport can last all year long.


The Fashion Model


Everyone knows the fashion model style when they see it. Those who don this look tend to stand out. To create it, focus on a few key pieces:


  • Separates that shouldn’t work together but somehow do
  • Shoes that make a bold statement but still fit right in
  • At least one signature accessory that speaks for itself


The Life of the Party


Versatility and fun are the cornerstones of this look. Find clothing that is comfortable enough to wear all day and last through the night. Top off your look with the perfect pair of reflective shades that mirror the party all around you but hide any telltale signs of lost sleep.


The Social Media Photojournalist


If you experience life through the lens of your smartphone, this may be the look for you. Far more concerned with the fashion choices others make, you still can’t resist taking frequent selfies. The great shirt and eyewear you got from a dealer who buys retro sunglasses wholesale are sure to get a lot of likes.


The Festival Pro


For some people, the celebration never stops. If you bounce from one festival to another, you probably carry a bag with all the essentials, such as a toothbrush, spare clothes and sleep gear so that you never have to stop. Bright-colored shades are the splash of color that you wear with all the neutrals you can mix and match.


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