Best Tips for Getting a Guy to Like You

When you notice him in the hallway, in the park or in the office, you know you just have to go out with him. But he doesn’t seem interested! Maybe he didn’t notice you, maybe he’s taken or maybe you just need a boost.

Find the right moment

The first step to getting someone to like you is, obviously, talking to them. Before you go in for the attack, make sure you find out whether he’s available. When you’re sure he is, the time it right. Don’t go talk to him when he is with all of his friends or when he is visibly in a bad mood. The best openers are some things you have in common, like “Oh, you like that book too?” or “Wanna help each other out for that chemistry project?” Find common ground, because if the first thing you talk about is something you can’t agree on or something you can’t relate to, the conversation will fall flat. If you want to talk, then make sure you have the time and silence to do so – don’t do it on the dance floor or in the hall just before you both need to leave. You can, however, use those busy or loud moments for other things: say a quick “Hi” as you walk by or dance with him to your favorite songs.

Be yourself

Maybe you’ve heard that he likes a certain type of girl. Firstly, even if you did, there is absolutely no way to know if this is true, and if he is exclusive about his alleged preferences. Secondly, you should never change yourself and your identity and pretend you’re something you’re not just to be with a guy. You won’t be able to keep up the mask for long and when you do show your true self – if he’s not interested, you’ll be further back than square one. Be yourself, be loud about the things that interest you and the things you’re passionate about and the right guy will recognize your honesty and fall for you – guaranteed.

Be bold

In a world full of rules, be the one that breaks them. Guys love when a girl is vocal about what she wants and takes the lead in some situations where the guys “should” do that. Once you’ve established a connection, think of some original date ideas and invite him out. He’ll love the boldness and if there is a connection, he will certainly say yes. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, send the first message or be the first one to approach him at the bus stop and give him a compliment.

Find common ground

You can’t get someone to like you if you are never around them, and seeing them in person is much better than looking at their selfies on Instagram. Find out where he likes to hang out, and if it is the type of place you like as well – go there with your friends. Even better, try to find some mutual friends and go together. Your friends are your best wingmen, so have them throw a house party and invite both of you. It’s the perfect setting to mingle and get to know each other better. Sometimes finding the perfect person for this is tricky, but keep in mind that you can always show up to a party as a friend’s plus one. Once at the same place, don’t just stare at each other from across the room – talk! If it’s easier, try to join a group conversation, so it’s not just the two of you, and then separate from the group later.


Getting someone to like you shouldn’t be your first priority, and the best way to get people to fall for you is to constantly work on yourself and be the best you that you can be. In the end, we can never know whom we’re going to end up with, and chasing one guy might cause us to lose out on other great opportunities. So chin up, and go get them!



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