What To Expect At Border Crossings On The Trans-Siberian Journey


When planning your Trans-Siberian adventure, depending on the route you take and which connections you choose, you will need to cross international borders. Doing so, when prepared, can be a smooth and simple process. However, when you are missing vital documents or forms, things can get tricky.


This is why we have prepared this article so when you are arranging Trans Siberian railway tours, you know exactly what to do. Border crossings are known for taking time and being pretty arduous. As staff check visas and forms, you can remain on the train but be aware that toilets are usually out of use during this time. This is to avoid illegal entries and fare skipping.

What To Expect At The Border


When you cross the international border during your journey, you can expect to be waiting a while. However, there is not so much queuing up and more sitting back and relaxing as customs officials come to them. Therefore, you can expect a slightly more relaxing experience than your usual borders.


Even though the details change depending on which border you are at, you will generally find the following things will be done:


  1. Checks from Immigration and Customs when you exit the country you’re currently in
  2. Crossing the border itself
  3. Entering the new country and having your passport and visa checked along with the usual customs checks


After these processes are complete, you can then come back to a fresh train which has had its wheels changed. This is due to the track differences in each country.


Top Tips To Make Crossing As Effortless As Possible


So you don’t have to worry, we have put together some top tips to ensure you pass through the process effortlessly –


  • Get all your paperwork ready and taken care of before you exit the train. The attendant will let you know when the checks are starting so you will have time to prepare. Once you are approached, you will need to show your paperwork and passport.
  • Standing up when officials enter can be a sign of respect.
  • If you have bags, get them ready to be checked by opening them. If you can make their job as easy as possible, the process should run quicker and smoother for everyone.
  • The exit process is normally a little less rushed and intense. Just be prepared to be waiting a while as every section of the train is checked (including luggage!)
  • Complete forms that are handed to you before the immigration official comes. If you are unsure of anything, the carriage attendant will be able to answer your questions.


Following the above tips will help to make your journey and border crossing as smooth as possible. This way you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your epic journey!


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