Top Bridal Trends for 2018

We have some bridal trends information today! Is 2018 going to be the year you will say your nuptials and look for bridal trends? If so, we hope you’ve already looked into some of the fabulous wedding gowns you’d like to wear, because time is the only thing that you actually don’t have in abundance when it comes to wedding planning. From stunning bodices, through fascinating lengths and puffs, to edgy accessories, the newest wedding gown choices are anything but ordinary. Therefore, make sure you check out some of the 2018 wedding trends and wrap up the wedding planning in the blink of an eye.



Fierce bodice

Nothing accentuates your waistline the way an elegant corset does. Add a ball gown skirt to it, and you’ve got a perfect royal-like look, that will certainly turn heads. If you prefer less fluffiness, opt for a lingerie-inspired skirt with a curve-skimming silhouette. For a little more sex appeal, go with a sheer corset with exposed boning. If you’re one of those bold brides, you may want to listen to Vera Wang’s advice and wear a corset and garters on the outside of your ball gown for the sexy edgy look.



Something blue and something sparkly

Why go with a small blue detail, when you can have a blue wedding dress? White lace embellishments on top of pale-cornflower-blue underlays will make you look like Cinderella on her big ball. Alongside ravishing blue hues, add a little bit of sparkle and put some dazzle on the entire wedding attire. Star-filled designs will absolutely captivate you with their glowing three-dimensional star appliques. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more extravagant, go for holographic details on skirts and bodices. 2018 is definitely going to be a dream come true for all the celestial brides infatuated by blue skies and stars, offering them a chance to mix the best of both worlds.



Flower power

Vine patterns are a huge hit this year. The latest wedding obsession with greenery has been on the rise, and flower power has been all over the runaways. Many designers have found their inspiration in botany and they’ve managed to create eye-catching ensembles all brides-to-be will adore. Florals were not the only botanical detail that’s taking center stage, but you can also expect plants and earthy elements to adorn wedding dresses this year.



Plan on time

Choosing your perfect wedding dress is anything but easy, which is why you need to plan for a lot of time that you’ll spend searching for the right gown. Furthermore, the planning process will have to include coming up with the ultimate design of your unique wedding invitations that will be the perfect foreshadowing of what the event is going to look like. Add choosing the venue, the caterer, the flowers, the decor and your groom’s attire to all that, and you’ll need some fascinating organization skills to pull all of the planning together. Therefore, make sure you just start your wedding planning on time, and you’ll be able to choose your perfect gown with no pressure.



Edgy accessories

If you’d like to accessorize with some statement pieces, throwing on a stud-covered jacket will be a ground-breaking move. This is the perfect way to get that rocker-chic vibe, and if you pick leather boots instead of heels, you’ll be the trendsetter of 2018. If you’re leaning more towards classical vibes, picking a wedding gown with an oversized bow is a perfect choice. For a vintage-inspired attire, a wedding gown covered in silver geometric beading will take everyone’s breath away.


Picking out the perfect wedding gown can be challenging, even more so if you don’t even know what kind of a gown you’d like to wear. This is why you should check out the latest bridal trends and you’ll definitely get inspired and have an idea of what type of a wedding gown you’d like to walk down the aisle.




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