How to Buy the Most Flattering Swimsuit for Your Body Type

If you were expecting another ‘This swimsuit is for pear-shaped ladies while this one is more for the hourglass-shaped ones’, then you will be very disappointed. And even though those are legit, there is so much more to the human body than just apple, hourglass, square and pear – which nobody uses when talking about themselves, by the way.

So to avoid the frustration of worrying whether you are a pear, apple or some other fruit, here is a guide that uses a language we all actually use.

Small chest

Finding a swimsuit top that will flatter your small bust can be quite a challenge. However, the best option for tiny chested gals is either an embellished top or a ruffled top because they will make your chest seem a lot bigger. Also, if someone is welcome to use padding, it is definitely you.

Big chest

Women who have a large chest should stay away from string bikinis and S, M and even L swimsuit tops. Instead, they should opt for tops with underwire that will provide them with the right support. Also, thicker straps and double stitched bands usually give the most flattering results.

Flat bum

Three words: frills and ruching. Why? Because they will easily give you the illusion of a much bigger bum. Also, make sure you opt for bottoms that are brightly colored or even printed in order to distract the looks from your flatter tush. However, opt for showing a little bit of those cute little cheeks rather than going full covered.

Big bum

Women with ample backsides should stay away from wedgie-prone string bikinis, Brazilian and high cut swimsuit bottoms. Instead, opt for designs that have solid colored bottoms with thick waistbands and printed tops.


Broad shoulders

One thing you should aim for is the balance, and there are a few things you can do to achieve it. First, make sure you opt for a solid colored swimsuit that has printed panels on the sides in order to create a little bit more of an ‘hourglass’ feeling. Also, another great idea is to go with an asymmetrical neckline that will draw the attention up instead of across.

Athletic body

Gals with athletic bodies should aim towards creating an illusion of more curves. Luckily for them, this is easily done with the help of tops with cups and padding as well as girly prints and bright colors. Avoid straight across bandeaus and boy briefs.

“Love handles”

One thing is certain – we love to hate them. And hiding them is easier than you think. High waisted swimsuit bottoms can do wonders for your dear love handles if they extend above your belly button – because this way you are also preventing a muffin top.

Shorter torso

The trick to creating an illusion of a longer torso is in lifting your bust line. Opt for low-rise bottoms that will make your torso seem way longer and for halter straps that will draw the eye to your neck and shoulders rather than your midsection.

Shorter legs

To elongate your short legs, opt for bottoms with high cuts in the leg. If you are feeling super brave, you can even opt for a thong as well.

Back fat

The last thing you want your swimsuit to do is to dig into your skin and accentuate those folds even more. To prevent that from happening, opt for thicker straps and single piece swimsuits with high backs.

Fuller thighs

To flatter and soften your fuller thighs, opt for bottoms that are offering a little bit more coverage such as skirt bottoms, for example.

Tummy pouch

90 percent of us have it, but the good news is that it is much easier to hide it than most of you think. Opt for a single piece swimsuit with ruching or with a plunging neckline that will draw the focus upwards.

Easily burned

If you are sun-sensitive, regardless of your body type – you have it rough. Opt for long sleeved swimsuit tops, or regular tops depending on your body type but stack up on SPF 50 and a couple of stylish kaftan tops to keep you safe.

Skinny legs and big hips

The key is to balance out your shoulders and hips. And since your hips are big, opt for a suit that gives an illusion of an elongated clavicle – such as off the shoulder one.

As you can see, it is all about the illusion. Be honest about your body and you will be able to make it look way better.



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