Where to Shop For Trendy Tops?

Let’s take a moment and appreciate this day! I’ve been posting more about clothes, especially dresses but today let me just talk about trendy tops and blouses. Honestly, I’m not into dresses but I do love having some of it in my closet. If you’re going to check what’s inside my clothes cabinet, you’ll find more tops and jeans. I know it’s going to be summer here again and aside from shorts, skirts, and dresses, I realized that I have to get new tops and blouses too! I can’t remember when I purchase new tops and blouses because I seldom go out. Most of the time, I’m stuck at home in front of my computer. For those of you who have no time in going out to shop for clothes, I have a recommendation.

If you’re also looking for tops and blouses to wear this summer or just for your everyday work, you can check out FashionMia. I know I have mentioned this clothing website before and I highly recommend it. They have new collections and new designs for you to choose from! I honestly enjoyed browsing on their website because most of their items are freaking stylish!

Here are few of my picks from their website.

If you’re working in an office, this cute blouse is perfect for you to wear for your meetings and events. The colors are nice if you’re going to pair it with dark colored skirt or pants. It looks effortlessly classy.



I know, I have mentioned summer but if you’re going to cold places like the mall, your office or traveling somewhere cold, you’ll need something to keep you warm. I like this yellow knitted tops and is perfect to wear for casual days. You can pair it with simple accessories to spice up your look.



I also like floral prints on white blouses. Aside from looking clean and chic, it goes well with other pieces. You can choose to pair it with a dark colored skirt or denim jeans.



I love browsing on their website because aside from bottoms and dresses, you can find more tops such as lace blouses, cardigans and, graphic t-shirts! It is your choice to buy something casual or get something with bright colors perfect for whatever events you’re going to wear it for.



Whenever I recommend something, I always make sure to add pieces in black and red colors. Trust me, red and black always stands out. These two last items that I have picked are also available in other colors. Just check out their website and you’ll find it there!


Don’t forget to check out their website, happy weekend!


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