Marinduque Travels 2018: Our Day 1 at Maniwaya Island!

Let’s talk about summer! Have you been to Maniwaya Island? I know it’s a little bit early but last week, I had my first ever beach trip this year with my mother and high school friend. We went to the beautiful island of Maniwaya few minutes boat ride away from the town of Sta. Cruz, Marinduque. We traveled as early as 3:30 in the morning to make sure that we get to Buyabod port before 10am. First, we took a roro ship from Dalahican port to Balanacan port for 260 pesos plus the terminal fee. Then, we took a jeepney from Balanacan port to Sta.Cruz town for 80 per person. We had breakfast in Sta.Cruz town near the tricycle terminal and bought some chips and snacks. We took a tricycle from Sta. Cruz to Buyabod port around 9:30 in the morning. We didn’t book for a private boat to get to Maniwaya island because it’s a little bit pricey so we chose to ride in a passenger boat. We waited for almost two hours in Buyabod port for the boat to leave because they were still waiting for the other passengers who were buying their supplies in the market. We get to Maniwaya island around 1:00pm. It was a nice journey!

Buyabod port is a nice spot to take picture because aside from the view, they have this cute pink-painted walls perfect for your OOTDs! (lol!) Excuse the haggard and oily face!

We chose to stay at Wawie’s Beach Resort because aside from being known for having affordable room rates, they are on of the most popular place to stay in Maniwaya island. They don’t have their own restaurant but they said, someone can cook for us. It was late for them to call someone who can prepare our meals so they just told us that we can eat at the nearby restaurant. Rico’s Inn Restaurant is just few steps away from our nipa hut and the view is really nice. They have burgers, chicken and rice meals.

I love the trees and grasses here! The view is great and relaxing. They also have their own souvenir shop inside their restaurant where you can buy some pasalubong such as key chains,  ref magnets, t-shirt, arrowroot cookies and more! We went back to Wawie’s Beach resort after we had our lunch to rest and appreciate the view from our Nipa hut.

One more thing that I like about Wawie’s Beach is that they have so many friendly dogs there. (This dog doesn’t look like he’s friendly but trust me, he’s so sweet and I called him Brownie.)

You can rent a Nipa hut in Wawie’s Beach, rent a tent or choose to stay at these cute glamping huts!

We slept until around 5:00pm then went out to take more pictures! We had our dinner at Rico’s Inn Restaurant again. I had some work to do so after dinner, we just washed up, do some work and went to bed. That’s basically the end of our Day 1 at Maniwaya Island. Check more photos at


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