How to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter with the Help of the Right Lipstick

Our best jewelry is our smile, and therefore we should do everything we can in order to improve it the best way possible. However, having a constantly bright smile can be quite a difficult and expensive task, but luckily for all of us, there are some simple lipstick tricks that can serve as instant teeth whitening treatments. With that being said, here are the colors you should try out, and some you should avoid.


When it comes to reds, the trick to making your teeth seem whiter is to always go with blue-based formulas rather than orange reds. Why? It is all a matter of the color wheel actually. Blues and oranges are placed across from each other on the color wheel, so when they are placed side by side, blues tend to cancel out the yellow and orange tones and vice versa. Therefore, if your teeth have even the smallest amount of yellow tones, orange-based formulas will accentuate them, while blue based formulas will neutralize them.

Dark pinks

You know what they say: when in doubt, go with the berry hues. Jokes aside, similarly to reds, berries are generally the blend of pinks or purples, where the fairly strong blue tones can do wonders for your smile. And whether you opt for deep plum, raspberry or some other shade, note that glossy and slightly sheer formulas can also amp up the whiteness, unlike mattes.

Light pinks

Again, always go with cooler undertones rather than coral or orange ones. And due to the smaller amount of pigment and the lack of contrast with the teeth, pinks are usually much thicker than reds. But regardless, the same rule applies to them as well.


When it comes to lipsticks, if you are among those who like to go bold, make sure you stick to dark berries and purples instead of browns. The reason for this is that browns just don’t go well with our teeth – in fact, they even enhance the brown or yellow tones in them. Purples and deep reds, on the other hand, are usually blue-based (oh, the holy blue) which provides the highest contrast and a much whiter appearance of your teeth.


With nudes, opt for sheer formulas with just a pinch of gloss. Even though it may seem a little bit counterintuitive, sometimes your teeth will shine with just a tiny bit of gloss. There are now many nude lipsticks that are designed to create the illusion of brighter teeth. Can you guess how? Exactly, with BLUE shimmer. However, don’t worry – once they are applied, the blue is undetectable, but the teeth become radiant.

Another thing about nudes is that texture is also very important. Matte and peachy formulas are painfully tough to pull off (unless your teeth are pearly white) AND they create the illusion of crusty and dry lips. Opt for glossy ones instead.

Steer clears

Finally, make sure you avoid the scary three: frosty shimmer, orange and some fuchsia lipsticks. Frosty shimmers are tricky because, if they are too icy, they will make your lips look paler which will result in your teeth seeming discolored. Orange needs zero explanation by now, but fuchsia can work, but only if they have – you guessed it – blue undertones.

Bonus: braces and eyes

If you are working on your new smile – and by that we don’t mean bleaching your teeth, but improving their shape, consider choosing invisalign rather than braces – they are removable, personalized, have minimalised aesthetics, etc. But don’t take our word for it, just check out this invisalign vs braces review and read all the pros thoroughly.

When it comes to eyes, blue eyed girls should opt for warmer toned lipsticks to enhance both their teeth and their eyes, green eyed girls should opt for pink and rose colors, while brown eyed beauties can wear any shade that complements their skin tone.

Finally, to sum up, in order to enhance the whiteness, you must contrast the yellowness. Have fun picking out your perfect colors.



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