Fashion and How to Rock The Color of the Year!

I’ve been busy with work and other stuff lately and I planned to write this post in January but not it is mid-February already. I’m late again, I know. So today, let’s talk about this thing called the colour of the year.
I know most of you are aware of it and to all of my readers who have no idea about the colour of this year, let’s take time and appreciate ultraviolet. I admit I’m not a huge fan of violet colours because I don’t feel like it’s one of my favourites. I only like it in fruits and that’s what we call grapes. I was just thinking, how am I going to rock this colour to my fashion style this year?
I know I am not a fashion expert or something but I would choose to wear tops and accessories in ultraviolet colour. Tassel earrings are my favourite so if there will be an event that requires adding an instant pop of colour, earrings are the best piece to match your light-coloured outfits.
If you can’t wear tops and dresses in this colour, the perfect way is to wear it on your feet! I’m talking about shoes! Pick a nice ultraviolet stiletto heel, sneakers or slippers according to the occasion or place that you’re going to. make sure that you wear something comfortable and colour coordinated. This colour is quite difficult for me to pair with other colours so if you feel the same, I highly suggest that you pair it with white or grey.
Looking for more tips and answers to the same question? Well, I have read something related to this colour and fashion on one of my favourite fashion blog. Go ahead and check out the complete tips at Labeaute. You’ll find the post in categories! Let me know what you think.


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