How to Look Killer with Minimum Makeup

The world has gone berserk for the natural look boasted by many a gorgeous model in this year’s fashion shows, and for a few excellent reasons. It’s the dawn of a new era, one that emphasizes the value of your untamed beauty, and that represents a shift towards planet-friendly solutions. Think organic skincare, all-natural sunscreen and cruelty-free makeup in the colors of the Earth.

As a result, Aussie ladies that have always appreciated an effortless, barefoot-on-the-beach restless wavy hair look, and those Scandinavian gals with a preference for skin-inspired shades have become the quintessence of modern beauty. And you can follow in their footsteps and create your own minimal makeup look to prove that less truly is more!

Gentle on the eyes, gentle on the skin

Artificial colors, fragrances and harsh chemicals are out, and a gentle ingredient list along with soft hues are in. The market is now teeming with products that focus solely on quality, and not on quantity, which is something your skin will deeply appreciate once you start introducing them into your daily routine.

Think soft palettes that flatter your skin-tone, glossy lips with nothing than a nourishing balm based on organic, toxin-free ingredients, and just a touch of blush on your cheeks. When you follow your morning cleanse and care routine, add a dab of moisturizer and a healthy sunscreen based on minerals and zinc-oxide such as Badger, you give your skin the perfect natural look to reveal your true self.

Beautiful within

Instead of focusing on how to mask your imperfections, start devising a nutrition plan that will be as healthy and powerful as your new skincare. As the rules have now shifted towards using the same juicy micronutrient-dense ingredients for your bathroom shelf as in your daily menu, you can make sure your diet is skin-friendly simply by educating yourself on what your skin needs to maintain its youthful radiance.

For example, protein-rich foods are excellent for boosting your collagen production, keeping your skin elastic and wrinkles at bay, while antioxidants such as vitamins C, A and E are effective tools for protecting your skin from early ageing signs, sun damage and giving it that natural rosy glow. Make sure your plate is versatile, and your reflection will soon show you how you can battle your imperfections from within.

The always appreciated details

This by no means forces you to completely abandon your beloved makeup collection – on the contrary. It will serve you as the cherry-on-top emphasis of your already stunning look, and just a touch of the right color will bring out your confidence without burdening your skin. For instance, bold red lipsticks such as Vapour Siren will always be in style, now with an all-natural twist, even if you only use it to add just a bit of blush to your lips.
Then again, some more permanent solutions can be a helpful way to boost your look in the most natural way possible. Without having to use eyeliners or glittery eyeshadow every day, adding volume and depth to your gaze is possible with the help of experts such as Sydney Eyelashes, where you can style your lashes to give them a fuller, yet natural look. You will be a few curly blinks away from mesmerizing anyone you meet, with no makeup time before you leave your home!

Embrace your pure self

Mastering the little makeup look is anything but simple, especially if you’ve primarily used it to hide aspects of your complexion you dislike. But this is a perfect opportunity to start nurturing your genuine self and bring out your beauty with the help of healthy lifestyle choices
Use makeup as your playful beauty companion, in order to bring out or tone down a certain facial feature, such as just a touch of smudged mascara to create the smoky eyes effect. Using little to no makeup every day will help you replenish your skin and restore its natural glow, but even more importantly, it will help you gain a new perspective on what truly makes you attractive – your authentic self.

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