Travel 2017: Exploring El Nido, Palawan for the First Time

Okay, I was about to post this right after our travels but with so many excuses (or laziness) this post is long overdue. I and my friend named Fay went to El Nido, Palawan last July and it was such an amazing experience. It was our first time to visit that place and we made sure that we’re going to see some of its amazing views and rock formations. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you already saw these photos. Today, let me share you the whole travel experience that we had in El Nido, Palawan.

El Nido is located in Palawan island. If you’re from the Philippines, you already know that this is one of the most visited places here and well-known for amazing rock formations, white-sand beaches, and coral reefs. We booked our plane tickets through AirAsia and Cebu Pacific. We’re lucky enough to catch those affordable airline promos last year. For our accommodation, we searched some websites and blogs for an affordable place to stay. I found Northern Hope Tours and booked our accommodation as well as our tour with them. We chose Northern Hope Inn for 1000 pesos per night including breakfast. We only have four days of stay so we just booked for an island hopping Tour A which includes the Seven Commando Beach, Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon and Shimizu island.

It was raining when we fly from Manila to Puerto Princes but the next days were sunny. As soon as we arrived in El Nido from the six hours van ride, the driver dropped us to Faith Rica Pension instead of Northern Hope Inn. The attendant told us that they are just doing some renovation so they transferred us to Faith Rica. We arrived around 5PM and it was raining in El Nido. So, this is how our room looks like. We have a flat-screen TV, bed in an airconditioned room. We just changed and freshen up for a bit then head out for dinner. We went to Aplaya or the beachfront to take a look at some restaurants there. We ended up eating somewhere near the beach because there was a heavy rain. It was so comfortable to sleep right after the long travels we did.

We went Northern Hope Inn for our breakfast and here’s the look of the place. We had some egg and longganisa as well as some cup of coffee. So far, the breakfast was good and like what most people say, you’ll get what you’ll pay for. We waited for our boat and went straight to the port with the other tourist. Our first stop was as Seven Commando Beach. We just walk on the beach and tried the swing under the tree. (I have a video of it on my Youtube channel if you want to check it out.) We took photos and just sit on the beach for a while. The sand was white and nice to walk on so we took off our slippers. 

Our next stop was at the Big Lagoon. This is one of the most instagramable spots here in El Nido and of course, we have to take a lot of pictures too! The water was clear and you can see the rocks under it. The huge rock formations here was so freaking gorgeous and amazing!

We just walked in there and take a lot of pictures. This is the first time that I see this kind of huge rocks in front of me and I can’t explain how I feel. 

We had our lunch at Shimizu island and damn, those seafood were delicious! We had fish, squid and shrimps. I also like the eggplant omelet with soy sauce full of tomatoes, calamansi juice, chili and onions. Thinking about those foods makes me feel hungry while writing this hehe!
Our third stop was at the Small Lagoon. It has deep-blue water and we experienced kayaking all the way from the outside part of the lagoon. We had to stop and take some pictures. The water was so blue and I felt like I don’t need to take an effort for the photos to look good. (lol) It was a fun experience and I feel like I want to do it again. After the small lagoon, our tour guides took us back to the port and we went back to our hostel to rest. We just freshen up again, had some dinner and sleep. We’re looking for some places to hang out after dinner but seems like there were only a few small bars here and they close early. So if you’re going to El Nido and you want some nightlife, you may find some resto-bar near the beachfront.

On our third day, we didn’t book for a tour but we have decided to rent a tricycle to go chasing waterfalls. We went to Nagkalit-kalit waterfalls and I was amazed how complicated the trekking is. We met a new friend so we ended up splitting the bill for the tricycle rent. We were three and the tricycle rent was 1200 pesos so we only paid 400 pesos each. (You can do it too to save some money, and gain new friends when you travel!)

Our last and my favorite among all the tourist spots that we have visited in El Nido was the Nacpan Beach. It is also called Twin Beach because of Calitang beach near it. I can’t explain it to you and forgot to take proper photos but once you see it you’ll know why. It was one of the largest beaches I saw. The powdery white sand was amazing. Everything in Nacpan beach was picturesque so you have to get your cameras ready for it. It was raining there when we visit so, the road going there was a bit muddy and slippery. We also loved the pristine blue water of Nacpan beach. If you’re coming to El Nido, you should include it to your itinerary.

After our Nacpan beach trip, we went straight to our hostel, freshen up, had dinner and packed our bags. The next morning we woke up early for our van ride going to Puerto Princesa Airport.
Visit El Nido Philippines if you haven’t been there!


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