Althea Korea Velvet Petal Powder Review
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Althea Korea Velvet Petal Powder Review

I know this post is late but it's better late than never, right? So I got this Althea Velvet Petal Powder a few weeks ago and already posted a video on how I apply it on my Youtube Channel but due to busy schedules at work, the post came out late. (That's today!)

I like the packaging of the powder because it's so simple and easy to open. It comes with a small powder puff which is so soft and easy to use. As soon as I opened the box from Althea Korea, the sweet floral smell went straight to my nose and I like it. The box was filled with dried petals, oranges and those pink paper thing to protect the product from bouncing while it's in the shipment process.

So let's go ahead and talk about the main product. I seldom use makeup or anything but whenever I go out I want to keep my face from being oily. I usually apply baby powder and pressed powder. This Althea Korea Velvet Petal powder is so perfect for my daily use. I tried it as soon as I received it and it was good. It minimizes the oil on my face while I am outside and keep me looking fresh. I can just go out with this powder and a lip tint on my lips. The only downside that I can say about this powder is, it has only one shade and a bit white when put on the face so you have to put the right amount or you'll end up looking like a geisha. (OA)

I will keep on using it and might purchase again on Althea Korea. If you're interested, this product will cost you for 210 pesos only. I am telling you, it's worth it! (Walang halong charot!) Get it at and try it now!

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