Melissa Bolona: Why You Need To Follow Her On Instagram
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Melissa Bolona: Why You Need To Follow Her On Instagram

Melissa Bolona is more than just an Actress.  Melissa Bolona is also a writer, model, and a philanthropist, not to mention being one of the most interesting personalities on social media.  You can read about her movies by going to the Melissa Bolona IMDb page, but that will only tell you part of the story.  To really keep up with the latest developments in her career, follow the Melissa Bolona Instagram page.

Who Is Melissa Bolona?

Melissa spent part of her childhood in Connecticut and part of it in Peru.  She first became interested in acting while studying abroad in Paris.  When she returned to the U.S., she continued to study acting.  Her teachers include Harold Guskin, Gary Marks, and Margie Haber.

Melissa Bolona made her feature film debut in 2015, in the movie In Stereo.  Since then, she has appeared in several other major Hollywood films.  John Travolta and Nicolas Cage are among her famous co-stars.  She is currently working on several other movies scheduled for release in 2017 and 2018.

Besides acting, Melissa writes blog posts for fashion news sites.  She has written for Vanity Fair Hollywood and Bella.  She has inside knowledge of the fashion world since she has also modeled for fashion magazines.

Melissa Bolona on Instagram

Actress Melissa Bolona frequently posts pictures on Instagram.  Following her on Instagram is the most immediate way to keep up with her artistic and philanthropic activities.  You can see which movies she is working on.  You can also get a Melissa’s-eye view of the world of fashion.  She posts images of charity events that she attends.  Organizations she supports include the ASPCA and the Clinton Foundation.

Melissa Bolona is a woman of many talents.  Find out about her most recent activities on Instagram today.

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