DRESSLILY: What’s on My Wishlist?

I have been writing my wishlist on this blog whenever I check my things and realize that I need something new. I just found out that I need several things that you can see at Dresslily. It is an online store where they sell different fashion items including dresses, shoes and accessories. I seldom go out and shop because now that I am older I have learned on how to handle my priorities.

Even though that I am saving some money for my future needs, I see to it that I still buy some of my needed things now. It’s been awhile since I bought a new dress and I did a lot of traveling the past few weeks. While traveling I thought I need to invest on a new dress where I can wear while I am at the beach or just roaming around the city streets without compromising my look and style. I love this Shoulder High Split Floral Maxi Dress and I think this one is a perfect dress to include on my wishlist.
I also want to have some light colored bags and this Faux Leather Tassel Tote Bag Set is the perfect to add on my bag collections. I prefer light colored items nowadays because aside from it can be paired with other pieces, these items can make you look expensive effortlessly. It’s cool to purchase three items in one payment, right? I always carry a small cross-body bag whenever I go out just to fill in some of my important things like money, keys, ID’s and lipstick. During weekends, I sometimes have some short travel trips and I need something to carry few clothes and other things. I also need a little purse to put my phone and a coin purse to put some of my coins. I would like to own this bag set because it will be convenient for me to organize my things easily. This is going to be my new favorite bag if ever I get to own it! 
Alright, I know you’ll laugh because I have included this Chic Quality Lantern Feathers Design Make Cat Bar Pet Toy but if you have read my previous post you already know that I just lost my cat a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the good news! I got new kittens from my cousin and they are so playful. I thought this cat toy will bring more fun to them.
Go ahead and check Dresslily for your next wishlist!


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