Banggood: Sailor Moon Bag Wishlist Come True!

So, few weeks ago you may have seen the post about a wishlist including this cute sailor moon bag and guess what? has made my dream come true! They sent me this cute sailor moon bag and now, I always carry it whenever I go out. 

It fits my things perfectly such as my phone, wallet, mirror, comb and more. I love the moon design in front of it and those tiny ears attached to it. I like that this bag because it has an adjustable strap so I can just adjust the length of it.

I picked the color gray because I can wear it with almost anything. This bag is also available in black color if you want something dark. This bag is perfect to carry whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day. I love that it can’t get wet easily because of the synthetic leather finish. Here’s a photo of me carrying this bag when I was about to go out and see my sisters. (Sorry, it was too bright). I like the details of this bag and if you’re a sailor moon fanatic, I know you will love this as well! 
Sailor moon is one of my favorite anime series when I was younger and they look so cute. Everything is feminine and as far as I know, there are other fashion items made and created inspired by them. Aside from this bag, I also received a cute eyebrow stamp because I want to try it. I am not really good in keeping my brows on fleek and I hope that the product that I got from will answer my needs. (lol)


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