ToSave: Gold and Black

Cheers to another long overdue post! I have received this cute dress from and my plan was to bring this to my trip to Vietnam but, I just realized that we’re going to a colder place (which is Da Lat) and I need to bring something thick. So change plans, I will be bringing this to another beach trip next week.

I seldom wear dresses but this one looks so cute and comfortable to wear. Aside from it, I can pair it with any other fashion pieces inside my wardrobe. Gold and black are cool and this dress is a perfect example. Nothing special but I should be wearing more of this. The timing when it arrived was good because I was so sad and mourning for my lost cat. I am not saying that this dress is for mourning but for me, it really expresses how I feel. Black. Blank. For a color contrast, I opt to wear a lighter color of footwear. This gray flat shoes was from SM Department store which I bought for only $2 so that’s understandable. 

I have also received a cute choker from them so I thought it would be good to wear it with this dress.

There you go, check for more interesting items and get it for cheaper prices! See you on my next post. 
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