I have been wanting something for my birthday but, I wasn’t able to get it because of my priorities. Now that there is an opportunity for me to have it, I am so thankful and I feel happy about it. Want to know more about what I am talking here? Find out more about my wishlist.

Banggood is one of my favorite online shopping website because they offer too many amazing items from fashion to accessories. You can also see different items in different categories. When I was just starting to blog back then, I always see bloggers having some amazing fashion pieces from them and I was just hoping that I can also work with Banggood one day. Now that the opportunity is here, I want something cute as a gift for myself.
I am not young anymore but I am still young at heart and my obsession with Sailor Moon has no end. When I browse this online shopping website and found the cute sailor moon bag, I was like “oh, I really want to have it!”. This bag has three available colors which include black, white and gray. If I can choose one, I would like to have the gray one one because it looks cute and elegant.

Check it out and shop for more amazing fashion items!


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