2017 Travel: Summer in Boracay

It was my fourth time spending a summer vacation in Boracay! I know, this post is long overdue but I think it’s worth being shared. Have you been to Boracay? What are your favorite things to do there? Just in case you’re planning to visit this gorgeous island, this post is going to give you some tips on how you can fully enjoy it. So get your cup of coffee and enjoy reading!

So last April, me and my guy went to Boracay to spend our summer vacation. It was fun. We’ve tried some activities like parasailing, zip line, and cable car. We stayed on the beach almost every day. Being idle is fun sometimes. I took this opportunity to just forget all the stress from everyday life and work. (I did bring some of my work though). So here’s a picture of me wearing a cardigan at the beach because I am always afraid of getting dark. (Lol).

We have also checked out Puka Beach because my guy wasn’t able to visit it during the first and second time. We met Pau-pau the preggy dog. Isn’t she the cutest? We love beach dogs and I always take photos. 

Boracay is gorgeous. Although some people prefer to swim without the algae, it’s understandable. I have read negative comments about it on social media but for me, Boracay is one of the best places here in the Philippines to spend your summer vacation. Everything is there, from beach activities to mouth-watering foods, scenic views to nightlife and my favorite- sunset.

Please excuse my dark skin here but after this beach trip, I realized that whitening products will be set aside for the meantime. I like getting some vitamin sea! I wish we can stay here longer even though day by day my skin gets darker and itchier. Haha! Sunburn it is. I bought that cute little flower on my hair at the store near the beach and it was so perfect. Channeling my inner Rosalinda on this photo.

Trust me I was so scared when we did parasailing. I was just smiling and trying to talk to my guy the whole time we were up cuz I don’t want him to notice that I am scared. Oh, by the way, kudos to the guy who took this photo. The sun was shining bright, the deep blue sky is inviting for more activities but my energy is limited. You know when that time of the month hits you so bad haha!
We took some photos while riding the cable car and we captured this picturesque view. No matter how many times I take a look at it, it feels so surreal.
We have also met some nice people there during our stay. I don’t know but even though I have visited Boracay for four times, I always feel like going back. The powdery sand is just too good to step on and just relax. This post is not really what you think it is. I know I didn’t write any more information about Boracay but, my purpose is just to share how we spend our summer vacation there. Do you want to know more details like the prices of activities, the hotel we have stayed in and other stuff? 
I will create a separate post for that.

Have a wonderful week!

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