Life Updates: 27th Birthday!

So many things happened during the past few weeks! I went to Boracay and then after that, I went to my grandmother’s place to celebrate my 27th birthday. Yes, I am getting older haha! Well, I stopped aging when I was 16 so it doesn’t matter.

I also want to share something that made me really happy before my birthday but it’s too personal so I’ll think about it. We have met some new friends during our stay in Boracay and I do hope that I’ll keep having new holiday friends whenever I visit new places. I’ll come back to Boracay soon with some of my friends here and I am so excited for it.
I am still working as a virtual assistant so I need to go back really soon to my apartment because of the #internetproblems. 
I’m old and I feel like my career is just still the same. I want to do a lot of things but I think it will take some time before it happens. My only wish for my 27th birthday is for my grandmother to stay healthy and live longer. I also wish that all my wishes will come true including health and some wishes for the people that I love.
There’s nothing special about my birthday celebration but I was so happy that some of my relatives went here for a small famil get-together.


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