Hello, April!

So I went to my hometown last week and we have celebrated my grandmother’s 86th birthday. I just want to let you guys know that I am so thankful because we still have this opportunity to have a small get-together party with some of our relatives living from the other barangay.

The weather was nice and sunny and here are some proof. I like going back and spending some time to my hometown because it lessen my stress from work and projects. The past few weeks, I have a little amount of sleep so I took advantage of this short vacation and sleep longer.

Here is my grandma blowing her tiny cake and I know we made her happy. It’s not all about the things that she had but the time well spent together with her children and grandchildren.

I am so lucky that  I have this kind of place to visit and stay in for free whenever I need to take a break from working and the reality of life. The amazing flowers, peaceful environment and smiles from the people’s faces there make me feel welcomed. I want to go back soon but yes, I am so ready for my beach trip this April!


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